Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let the Camp Countdown Begin!

As it turns out, Camp starts in 20 short days! Which is both exciting and terrifying all at once. See, we're going to Canada for a family reunion for 5 days before camp - which means the # of days I have to pack my mess and move it out of here is approximately 15 - Yikes!
However, only 20 days til camp means I'm also super-excited about how quickly camp is approaching. This year, Adam and I have been able to play a bigger role in the planning and preparing for camp (which has been tiring, time-consuming, and ridiculously fun). This year's theme is "Jesus is my BFF" -- we're going to talk a lot about what it means to be a friend, what your friendships should look like, how to deal with mean friends, and how to practically understand and live out a life where Jesus is truly your best friend. I'm so excited to get to talk to our kiddos about this - I think it's something they really need to hear, and that could potentially transform their lives.

Here's the logo I came up with for camp this year, I wanted to share it with y'all so you could be praying for the Lord to be working in the hearts of all the kiddos as they get signed up for camp.
Here's some more ways you can be praying for us and for camp this summer:

1 - For the finalization of staff and for all our counselors and leadership team - that the Lord would be preparing our hearts and drawing us close to Himself. That we would look to HIM for our strength and wisdom in working with the kiddos all summer.

2 - For Jayci's little heart as we transition to living with 75 other people all summer (and she has to share her parentals with 50 other kids). That it will be a smooth transition, that she will feel secure, and have a fun and safe summer. I am so thankful that I have several sweet girls coming down to help me out with Jay this summer - pray that they will be blessed for their willingness to serve, and that Jay would love them all!
3- For every single kid who will be coming to camp. That God would be preparing and tilling their hearts in preparation for what He wants them to learn from the camp experience. That He will give us sensitivity and grace and mercy for even the toughest kids, recognizing where they're coming from and how we can love them best.
4- For the kids to have open heart and a willingness to experience new things, and hopefully to even accept Christ this summer. And that the Lord would provide people to mentor every kid who makes a decision to follow Him this summer.

Thanks for your prayers! Send me a quick email or leave me a comment if you're praying for us, because I'd love to lift y'all up too.
Also, because some of you have asked, here are a few practical ways you can get involved or help with camp this summer.

1- We still need to get kids sponsored. Remember, our camp is ONLY for kids who can't afford it, so every kid has someone else pay for their experience at Camp Grace. It costs $360 to send a kid to camp for a week. Or you can pay $180 and pay for a half-week (we'll get 2 sponsors for 1 kid that way, so they'll still come for a full week). You can sponsor kids on our website (
2- Live in Atlanta, or anywhere close enough to make the trek up to Roberta (near Macon)? Come visit us! We'd love to show you around and have you meet some kids. Just send me an email if you're interested. If you have a group of people (small group, people you work with, group from church, a tennis team etc) who might want to all chip in and come down one day, you could bring a "snack group." What this means is that you'd come up as a group and bring snacks for 75 people (granted, this could be something like freeze-pops, it totally doesn't have to break the bank). The kids have time every day that they gather as a big group and eat an afternoon or morning snack, so bringing a snack group is a great way to have a chance to interact with the kids, serve them a little, and maybe (if you're lucky) even see a few of their sweet dance moves.

3 - Have another idea how you can help? Or just want more suggestions/information etc? Just email me and I'd love to talk to you about it!

**I love all of you and your support, prayers, and encouragement mean SO much to me! For realz.


  1. Becca, what are the dates for camp? I have a week off in June before I go to clinic, and I would love to bring snacks one day. I've been praying for you guys as you make this transition, and I am so glad to hear that you sold the house! You can send me an email at laurenhaws at gmail dot com with the dates if that is easier. Hugs!

  2. I cant believe its camp time already!!!!!

    Totally lifting your family up as well as every child that is coming & every volunteer, worker, helper that is involved... oh wow... such a time to touch hearts!

    That picture of someone kneeling down talking to that little boy just makes me want to cry - beautiful!

    May God continue to use all your willing hearts to further His work & His kingdom in the lives of this next generation... May they rise up strong & mighty in Him in areas of struggles.... May all these kids see nothing but JESUS in every face they see

  3. It’s going to be fabulous this year! Love the theme and will be lifting ya’ll up. I can’t wait to hear what an impact it is!!

  4. Becca, this is a wonderful thing you are doing! They will be in my prayers. What sweet faces.

  5. Becca, Plan on my crew bringing snacks when we come in July. I'll send you a facebook message about it. We are so excited!!! :)

  6. I am absolutely praying for you guys and the kids this summer! What a blessing to so many you guys are and I'm continually excited to see how the Lord is working in your lives!

  7. Wishing I could come help out! Hey, this is random, but I'll be in Atlanta this Sunday -Tuesday. Wouldn't it be fun to MEET in person! We are having a Christian Mentoring Summit...You guys should look into it. Might be useful for your ministry too!

    Praying for you this summer! Seriously, I would love to be there and help out. You can be praying for our once a week for every week in the summer...KidzKlub (vbs at local park). Thanks for your heart and your service.

  8. I would LOVE to be praying for you and your family and ALL the kids at camp this summer. I will be lifting you all up over the next few months. I know that God has big plans in store for you all.


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