Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Kiddos

Last week, while we were out of town at the beach, one of the ladies we work with asked us to help her out by watching her kids for a few days. Since we were in Florida, we clearly weren't able to; luckily, we have some pretty fantastic friends who are supportive and involved in what we do - so we called them and they totally stepped up to the plate, opening their home to 6 rambunctious kids. We arrived home on Friday night, and spent the day on Saturday hanging out at their house to "help." Although, I'm not sure how helpful we were considering Adam just basically stirred up more trouble.

Here's Adam in Lee's crosshairs. . . I should have warned Lee that going up against Adam probably wasn't a good idea.
Adam retaliating. All of Adam's shenanigans prompted Emily (our friend's real daughter) to declare: "new rule; no more Adam."
I love having the chance to hang out with my kiddos, especially when we can give them the opportunity to just be kids. To play in the sprinkler and shoot water guns in a big back yard. Then cool off and maybe even sit down to a family dinner before being tucked into bed. And all of that without any sirens, without any police arresting the neighbors, or any drugs being sold in your front yard. Without hunger pangs or water getting shut off. . . . Because look at this precious little face. Doesn't he deserve that just as much as Jayci does? Just as much as every single other kid you know?
On Sunday we took the kids to church before bringing them home. At Metro Kidz, we gave the kids construction paper and crayons to make their "caretakers" mother's day cards (because they're often watched by aunts or grandmothers). We had already had the kiddos make cards while they were staying with our friends. But I saw Ray Ray working furiously on a card, carefully drawing and forming his words. When I went to give him a hug good-bye, he handed that card to me.

Here's what it said: "Happy Mother's Day for Becca. I love you. I love the thig that you bin doing for me." I gave him a fierce hug, with tears in my eyes, and told him it was the best Mother's Day card ever. And then I melted.


  1. That makes me have tears in my eyes...

  2. So sweet! Best Mother's Day story I've read yet. Wish I could just reach through the screen and give those kids a big hug!

  3. You will never ever forget that moment. Amazing.

  4. Awwwww how incredibly sweet!

    If you ever have a day that you think what you do doesn't make a difference pull that card out!!!!!

  5. Awww, the sweetest thing ever!! That right there makes it all worth it!!

  6. waaaaaa!! (thats me crying in case you didnt know.)
    AND that, my friend why you, why we, are in the hood..so that THEY MAY KNOW HIM THROUGH US!! wow!
    I love it!!

  7. And that makes all the worries and late nights and keeping the house clean so it can sell WORTH IT. I'm melting with you!

  8. amazing!!!!!!!!!! So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. One of my most precious friends just moved into one of our city's poorer neighborhoods so that they can be Jesus to the people there. She brought four or five of the neighborhood kids with her to our church's children's choir water party last night.

    The kids had a blast and I wondered the same thing. How often do these kids get to "just be kids" without all the grownup worries they're forced to deal with in their everyday life.

    I love you girls and the difference you are making for the Kindgom's sake. I don't know why I haven't mentioned your blog to Kasey before now. I'm texting your web address to her right now!

  10. P.S. I LOVED "New rule; no more Adam."

    Too funny!!

  11. That just brought tears to my eyes. You are doing an amazing thing Becca. I think it's so awesome how God is using you and Adam.

  12. I love this post, Becca. Have fun at the library! ;)

  13. So sweet. What a great moment to treasure.

  14. love the pictures! What a blessing...thanks for sharing.

  15. Dear Becca,
    Thank you SO much for posting this stuff about Metro Kidz, It's totally inspired me to get more involved. =) My church has a high risk kids sunday school class that I teach... (We're at Calvary Baptist Church of Smyrna in ATL) and this fall when I'm
    actually home, and can do my best to work it into my schedule I'd LOVE to start volunteering with Metro Kidz. I'm 18 and going to be working and studying alot for precollege stuff but this looks like an INCREDIBLE ministry =)
    Anyway thanks again!!!! Enjoy your blog SO much.

  16. WHERE'S THE HANKY ALERT!?!?!?!? I am HORMONAL, Becca, HORMONAL! You can't just be putting that stuff out there without a warning.

  17. You do a good work.
    I am so proud of you!


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