Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holden's Birthday Party AKA the time Jayci ate too much cake

I promise that I purposely haven't posted in a few days. I wanted y'all to be able to enter my fabulous giveaway. Well that and we are moving, going out of town, leaving for camp, and taking care of a sick almost-two-year-old . . .

Last week (or sometime in the not-so-distant-past), we went to the fourth birthday party of one of Jayci's best friends, Holden. Look at the cute birthday boy. I love him, and his freckles too.
Here's an action shot of the birthday boy spraying the hose and his guests with wild abandon. It's his prerogative.
There was a slip-n-slide at the party, and luckily they had Adam to demonstrate for the kiddos how to use it.
Clearly, Adam taught him well.
Jayci loved the bubbles. She always loves the bubbles.
Holden requested that his friends Zack and Sabo come to the party. Unfortunately, Sabo was unavailable, but Zack was a trooper and showed up to the four-year-old birthday party solo. And look how sweet he is helping Jayci put her "gasses" on. This melts me, absolutely melts me.
Here's Jayci enjoying one of the of many, many desserts she consumed that evening. Note the remnants of chocolate cake and ice cream which are also on her chin.
But what a cute little cake-face she has. I just want to eat her up. Or eat cake. Whichever.
Another cute little face. This one has a much better mama, who is feeding her fruit instead of multiple desserts.
But seriously, there were several times that I caught Jayci eating cake which unsuspecting party guests had left unattended. I have no idea where she gets that from.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! What a great post. I LOVE these pictures. When I saw them on facebook I just melted. And I ate 13 pieces of cake in honor of Jayci. Yes. Yes I did! : ( Darn it! She is the most adorable dessert eater on the planet. Pure deliciousness!

  2. So THAT is how you spell prerogative!

    Also, it may or may not have been me who handed Jay that popsicle while fresh cake crumbs still lingered on her face.

    I love you so much--who will document my life in beautiful photography now?!?!

  3. Buahahaha! Jayci just cracks me up! I love the faces!

  4. HaHa eating everyone elses cake-that's priceless!

    Really though is there such a thing as too much cake?!?

    You have the best kids hands down-the picture of Zach and Jayci is absolutely perfect!!!!

    And I love your pics-what setting are you snapping in? They are so gorgeous!!!!!

  5. Adorable little cake-face! And, I love the fact that she mooches when the food is left unattended. YA SNOOZE YA LOOZE!!! lol

  6. Could that Jayci be any cuter?? I think NOT!!! :)

  7. beautiful pictures! love the water and bubbles and of course that cute little girl!

  8. gah I love her!! she is too precious!

  9. Aw, what fantastic pictures!! You're such an amazing photographer...

    Jayci is seriously the cutest little girl ever! She looks like a little angel :)

  10. OHMIGOSH! I absolutely love the B&W one of Jayci! Her hair looks so soft and her dirty little face is so adorable!!!


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