Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Lakehouse. Epic.

I know, I know. We went to the lakehouse FOREVER ago. Or last week, but it feels like forever. In fact, I nearly forgot to even blog about our time at the lake because I just assumed I already had. But you know what they say about assuming . . .

Anyhow, we had a great time at the lake. Seriously, the weather could not have been more perfect. It was HOT and sunny the whole time, which is a plus when the water is so COLD. Not that I'd know, since I dont particularly enjoy cold water and I tend to stay out of it when the look on faces registers shock after jumping in.

The kids, however, loved swimming and tubing and fishing and eating. And mean flirting. Because I will say that taking two middle school boys and two middle school girls is basically insuring there will be flirting going on, probably involving teasing, poking, pushing into the lake, and so on and so forth.

Despite that, we had a good time and there was plenty of adult supervision to ensure that nothing inappropriate resulted from the flirting.

Anyways, here's a photo recap of our time at the lake. Enjoy!

Oh hi middle school boys and girls. This is the best group shot I get? Thanks for that.
The girls.
My baby girl. I love this picture. Not sure why exactly, but I do.
Zack being a show-off.
Jay all ready for a boat ride.
Night fishing after the girls left. Much better conversation with the boys without the girls around. It was a sweet time and the night seemed almost magical with their laughter ringing, the lake glittering with reflective light, and quiet splashes breaking the night every once in a while. Beautiful time.
And look at the monster fish Zack caught. Impressive.
Blessing fishing earlier that day. Yup, these are all out of order, because that's how I roll.
Have I mentioned that Adam loves fishing? He does. Seriously, anything in the great outdoors has a special power over him. Let's not even get started talking about REI and his addiction.
Boat-riding. With a sunburn - sorry mom! But at least I remembered to put sunscreen on Jayci right?


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  2. I had to repost my comment sorry! Becca this awesome! I am just telling my mum about you. Thank you for never seeing skin colour but seeing God's heart for the inner city children. Thank you.
    You have really inspired me. The movie the "blind side" has nothing on you! God is using you.
    Oh I needed to ask you some questions but I will probably email you at a later date.

  3. what great moments you captured with your photos! sounds like a fabulous time. i'm so with you on not going in when the water is cold!

  4. You are so pretty with your windswept hair. All heroine like. I love it : )

    LOVE the jr. high line up. You are so funny : ). Also love Blessing's name. How pretty is that? Love it!

    So glad you did a post. All of my posts are like 9 weeks behind. I am cool like that too. I just love to be cool like you.

  5. What fun pictures!! I love lake time each summer when we go to Texas...always special times.

  6. Awesome pics! What a great time! Jayci is just too cute...and I always get a sunburn the first day I'm out for the summer...will I ever learn? :) What wonderful memories you are helping to create for all these great kids and for your family! Have a great week!

  7. I am so jealous! I can't wait till it is warm enough around here to enjoy some time on the lake. And sunburn...what is that again? It has been so long since I have felt that warmth that it is kinda hard to remember. So glad you had a fun time and, as always, your pictures are awesome!

  8. Great photos you captured! Glad to see you on CM! I always enjoyed reading your blog through I heart faces! =)

  9. My favorite is the one with the fish. That expression is priceless! Glad you caught it!!

  10. Beautiful! Love the last one with you and your boy- that is so me (sunburned, but at least I remembered the kids!)

  11. I love that night fishing shot ~ feels like I'm there! :)


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