Monday, April 12, 2010

An Engagement Party Extraordinaire

As it turns out, I'm STILL behind on my blog posts, and life in general. You should see the state of the laundry. It's appalling really.

You may remember a while back when I took some pictures for my little sister upon her engagement to Ashish. Well, we had a massive celebration of their engagement on the rooftop of my sister's apartments. A good time was had by all. And since I'm feeling overwhelmed by the amount I'm behind on posting here, I will once again share a pictorial recap.

All the girls . . . my sisters, mom, daughter, and me!
A family portrait.
The beautiful, happy couple.
The amazing cakes that my OTHER amazing sister made. Have I mentioned that she's a pastry chef? It's quite handy. Especially for my waist-line.

Look! Jayci makes the exact same "oh I ate entirely too much cake" face as I do. Classic.After all the eating, including some extra delicious Indian fare courtesy of Ashish's mom, we played a little dodgeball on the tennis courts. And by "we," I don't necessarily mean to include myself in that description. Much to her chagrin, Jayci was also unable to participate. She did, however, enjoy yelling "go dada" from the sidelines the entire time.

Look at this intense action.
And Jayci's intense cheering. So cute.
See my sister? The one with the red shirt, who this whole party is for? This is mere moments Adam nailed her in the head. Good work hubby, way to take out the guest of honor. Luckily, she's a good sport and kept her head in the game. Literally.


  1. Heee! You need to enter that cake pic in IHF this week, btw. And could you guys smile ANY more alike than you do? Man... genetics are awesome! Your sister is a brute to be out there playing dodgeball with the boys, too... glad Jayci didn't make it out there! Although someday.........

  2. Authentic Indian food AND baked goods from a pastry chef? Is your family currently taking applications for more members?

    That's a cute cheerleader!!

  3. Did you know you have a super cute family? Well, you do. I love the picture of Jayci cheering!

  4. Those cakes are beautiful! And your family is so picture perfect!

    Looks like everyone had a great time :) I love close families!

  5. Hahaha, so cute! Yay for good memories.

  6. Just so you know, I would have volunteered to watch Jayci while y'all played dodgeball so I could have the cake table all to myself.

  7. Jayci's cheering is so dang cute!!!

    The cakes are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Getting binged in the head... sounds like "Meet the Parents"!!!

  8. What a wonderfully fun family : ) I love their rooftop. I love their cake. And your Mom looks so young. Like she could be one of your sisters. Jayci is, as always, delectable.

  9. You guys definitely rock that family resemblance thing in a beautiful way!

    Glad your sis was okay after Adam's errant throw, ha ha.

    Love the pic of Jayci cheering!

  10. Sometimes, I wish my family was bigger just so that we'd have more reasons (like engagement parties) to celebrate. Looks like your sisters party was a success, with fun had by all!

  11. i do love that cake face picture! too cute!

  12. oh dear...i can see my brothers rat tail from here :) Gotta love him!!


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