Sunday, April 11, 2010

Could this BE any later?

Does anyone here watch Friends? Remember the episode when Chandler says, "Could I BE wearing any more clothes?" Loved that one. Well, I loved them all actually. . .

So I realize that this is WAY after the fact, but I wanted to go ahead and put up a quick Easter recap. That way, one day when I get really old next week when I can't remember what we did for Easter 2010, I can just check here for quick reference.

We started off at church for Metro Kidz, where we picked up Zack and Sabo to bring them back to the in-laws for a rousing Easter Egg hunt. The boys were quick into it, which I suspect may have something to do with the $20 bills that were hidden in two special bunny eggs. . . Have I mentioned how much I love it when the boys get to be kids without worrying about trying to be cool?! Cause I love it a lot.

The whole fam. Well, kinda.
I caught Zack trying to be a model.
Looking for eggs.
Sweet little punkin with her sweet little tongue hanging out . . .
All trying to find the $20 egg. We were hoping to steal it away from Zack and Sabo (Oh I kid).
I don't put Jayci in frilly or poufy dresses very often, but she looked so cute in her Easter dress, I might be rethinking my position in this matter.


  1. Oh my word, Jacyi's arm around Sabo...could that BE any more precious?!

  2. SOOO cute! Jayci is getting so big and is adorable!
    Oh, and I'm totally a FRIENDS addict, haha!

  3. ummm, yeah, she looks pretty stinkin' cute in that Easter dress! And her mommy does, too... just sayin'. Love the big boys getting into the Easter egg hunt, too. This was the first year since he was 1 that Adam didn't get to do a hunt; I was very sad. He was marginally sad; he just wanted some Pokemon cards and Legos,and those don't turn up in Easter eggs too often. But a $20? yeah, he'd have been grabbing eggs like crazy if he knew there was a Jackson waiting to be discovered....
    and, um, this couldn't probaly be any later either, but Happy Easter!

  4. Beautiful family! And I definitely remember that Friends episode :) I miss them!

  5. $20 in the eggs! Can I come to your egg hunt next year??
    What a wonderful way to celebrate the Easter holiday...with family and extended family.
    Jayci looked adorable in her little easter dress. And golly is her hair starting to get long! How come my little girl's won't grow like hers???
    Hope you have a great week!

  6. $20? Seriously? I am coming to Georgia next year : ) I love the boys. What a sweet addition to your family :)
    And Jayci with her tongue out. Oh my word. I am about to die because the sweetness is overwhelming.
    I am going to try to stay alive long enough to finish this comment.
    I love her dress. I love your Easter. I haven't done an easter post yet. I like to be about 2 weeks behind all the rest of the world. That is just how cool I am : ) Yep! Cool as a cucumber.

  7. The dress is so sweet! Buy them while you can - my girls are 9 and 11 now, and want nothing to do with fanciness or frills. Aeropostale shirts abound over here, and I wish I could dess them in something so sweet as your daughter's dress again!

  8. Um.. can we talk about the fact that Jayci has her arm around Sabo? Absolutely adorable!!!

  9. Could that BE a more beautiful family?!

  10. I use to loove friends!
    Precious pictures friend :)
    Hope your week starting off great :)

  11. adorable! love the family picture! adorable dress on sweet jacyi too! so who got the $20 eggs...?


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