Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apparently, I am a Matron

A few weeks ago, I was the "matron-of-honor" in one of my best friend's weddings. Doesn't "matron" sound like a nice, portly 65 year old? Cause that's how I felt. Not to mention that I was the only bridesmaid (er, brides-matron) with flats instead of heels. Old I tell you.

Other than feeling old, the wedding was just delightful. My friend Gini was a beautiful bride. It helps that she is the most creative, encouraging, loving person ever. And I know this well because because we lived together for 2 years. Without a single fight, or even a disagreement really. It helps that she likes the yellow and green sour patch kids and I like the orange and red ones. A match made in heaven.

Here is the lovely couple.
I told you she's creative: she had the bridesmaids wear black dresses with all different color shoes. Like I mentioned, my shoes didn't make the cut for this picture because they're flats. Lame.
My husband and me at the wedding. Isn't he so special? And in need of a hair cut?
This is the oh-so-much-younger MAID of honor and I giving our "please don't make us give the toast in front of all these people" looks.
Gini's sweet parents watching her first dance as a married woman.
If you take a look at how they decorated their getaway car, you'll see why she's a girl after my own heart. . . diet coke cans galore.
And they're off to Hawaii. I'm not jealous. Ok, maybe a little.


  1. Congrats to them! Hope you had a smashing time in your flats - I'm sure you looked cuter than the rest of them!

  2. WHAT! You can not be a matron. Matron DOES sound old.... You sure are a pretty matron though.

    What a fun wedding. So glad you had a great time. I think Adam's shaggy hair looks fun. Funky!

    The shoes idea was SO creative. I LOVE that :)

  3. Hmm... let's think of some replacement terms for Matron. Already-hitched? Not-Eligible-For-Bouquet-Catching? Wife of Honor? ;)

  4. Hmm... let's think of some replacement terms for Matron. Already-hitched? Not-Eligible-For-Bouquet-Catching? Wife of Honor? ;)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! And how cute are those shoes, and I’m sure your flats were too. Again, beautiful pictures!! :)

  6. Nothing wrong with flats!! I think "matron" just means off the market! :)

  7. You seriously crack me up!! You look beautiful!! And do you realize we will see each other in TWO DAYS!! AHH! P.S. email me your phone number

  8. P.P.S I can't find you on twitter, are you sure you're on there?

  9. You're about as matronly as Miranda Lambert, Becca. I'm sure you were just doing the other girls a favor by wearing flats so that your tall, willowy gorgeousness didn't overshadow them. Pfffft on the prejudice towards flats; poor little shoes. They deserved to be in the picture...
    What a gorgeous bride; love the pics!

  10. what a beautiful wedding! and you looked awesome!

    and yea.. matron? not a flattering word. but you were a gorgeous one!

  11. :) oh matron! i love that not only are you younger than me but also the maid ;) you are wonderful. thanks for helping make the day/weekend so special! love you!

  12. Alright, Becca, I was about to say what Gini said!!! She and Liz were older than some of the people in our class! And the flats were the smartest thing at the wedding. I thought they were adorable!

  13. Never understood that whole 'Matron of Honor' thing anyway. Maybe it means 'mature' or 'most important'!!! Yeah, that is it :)
    You did a great job with the pictures too! Love all of the colorful shoes :)

  14. What a sweet post! Love the shoes on the sill:)


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