Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend O' Fun

I look back on this past weekend with fondness, even a sense of bliss really. Because yes, it was decidedly busy (what else is new?) but it was also extraordinarily fun.

And because I know how much y'all love the play-by-play of my life (who wouldn't?), here's the low-down on our weekend:

We started off on Friday night by dropping Jayci off with the g-parents for her own night of fun, then picking up the boys and heading to the Hawks game. And look who was there? That's right, Michael Jordan. The boys couldn't have been more excited. Well actually, they probably would have been more excited if the Hawks producers would have let them show Jordan on the big screen. Instead, they only got excited whenever they caught a glimpse of his shiny head across the stadium. Luckily, they were able to get even more excited every time WE were on the big screen. And apparently we even made it on TV. Such are the perks of having friends in high places (aka people who run the cameras). These pictures are from my friend Matt's cell phone. He is a camera man for the Hawks game, well sometimes (other times he works here).

We then brought the boys home, headed to our beds for a few hours (literally FEW), and then drove back downtown for a training, Kid Mix, and to pick the boys back up to come spend the night with us. We spent lots of time playing outside, the boys played basketball while I tried unsuccessfully to push Jayci up the tunnel/slide/thingy on the neighborhood playground. And can I just say that the weather? It made me mucho happy (unlike the snow we had this morning, what the what?)

Jayci also enjoyed playing with the boys and basking in the warm sunshine. Which made me wonder if we should adopt a 12 year old instead of a baby. Oh, we shouldn't adopt only for babysitting and Jayci-entertaining purposes? Right.
On Sunday, Adam went to one of our suburban partner churches to get kids sponsored for camp, and then he had another mentor training. So I took the boys shopping. As it turns out, you're not supposed to mix and match Aeropostale and American Eagle. Whoops.

Sabo bought some stuff, and Zack spent most of his time on the phone asking various girls "do you miss me?" Which made me laugh.

We did lots of driving back and forth from downtown; to church and from church; to another church; and to the mall; and so on and so forth . . . At one point, Zack piped up and said "I can run 40mph. Curious to see such a feat, we immediately pulled over to a quiet side road, and had the boys get out and run while we drove at 40 mph. Turns out, they can run approximately 15 mph, not 40. Close though.

All the driving also meant we listened to lots of music. We usually listen to some Glee or Christian rap (random and SA-WEET mix I know), but with HOURS in the car, you can only listen to the same songs so many times before you want to poke your ears out. So the radio it was. At one point that song "bedrock" came on. I might have sang along before I could help myself. And apparently, the boys found it hilarious that I liked that song. They even asked, "Becca, do you know what it's about?" Embarrassed that the 12 year old boys knew more about song lyrics and suggestive-ness than i did, I quickly assured them that I didn't necessarily LIKE the song so much as I found it "catchy." Whatever that means.

Sunday night we brought the boys to church AGAIN (they're troopers) and then ate some hot wings, brought them home and crashed. Because busy weekend = not enough sleep. The boys totally had us beat though, since they stayed up until like 2am listening to music and giggling like girls. They even told me "we're just a bunch of giggle-boxes." Which cracks me up.

I realize that this may have turned into the most boring, extremely long-winded, recap of our weekend. So I apologize, and will end it here. But seriously, it was a fun weekend. The end.


  1. thanks for the comment! your pictures are amazing! I recently got a rebel xsi and im still in the process of learning it all. So much to take in!! thanks for visiting our blog. :)

  2. It touches my heart when I hear what you do with the boys. I love seeing how they are such an important part of your family!

  3. so glad you stopped by my looks like y'all had such a fun weekend. oh and your pics are gorgeous i love the sunlight in them.

  4. I loved the recap and i loved the cool angle of Jayci. Was that in contention for this week's entry? Regardless, I love the picture you chose. Okay! off topic! Anyway, you mentioned adopting--are you thinking about doing that? we have so much to talk about--J and I hope and pray the next two kids we have will be adopted.

  5. Thanks so much for your reminder that God has everything in my life totally under control. I appreciate the way He uses others in my life!!


  6. OMGosh I could just eat your little girl up! Girl your blog shows your heart of gold! Love it!

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on tv... I am going to miss whatever I kick off.

    And I love your blog. Thanks for giving me something to add to my Google Reader! You take lovely pictures and your little girl is a gem. And I used to teach in inner-city Boston--so I'm excited to read more about your work with those kids!

  8. Looks like a fun weekend! Great images!

  9. What gorgeous photos! Sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looking forward to reading more!

  10. Your little girl is just beautiful. And what a great recap of the weekend!

  11. Adopt an older child for babysitting purposes? Why didn't I think of that?

  12. Cute pictures, I really like the last one.

  13. Those little blonde pig tails are adorable!


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