Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me!

This morning, the Lord woke me up 5 minutes before my alarm. Isn't that the best feeling ever? To be woken up without the aid of a crying child or blaring alarm is a beautiful thing. Speaking of crying children, Jayci has a "rip-roaring ear infection" (her doctor's words, not mine) Poor thing, she is so congested that she has (WARNING -DISGUSTING) snot coming out of her eyes. Gag.

Anyways, on to my point. Geesh.

Today is the my 4-year wedding anniversary. Thinking back to four years ago, I can hardly believe how much we have grown and changed. And that I can still get those butterflies when I'm with him. Our wedding was on a beautiful, cold day. But it was sunny and I was marrying my high school sweetheart, so I didn't even mind the cold.

(Doesn't Adam look like such a baby? I robbed the cradle and married a 14 year old!)
Adam and I met in high school chemistry class. We like to say we had chemistry (I also like to say that I got an A, he got a C, and he's the one who ended up being a chemistry teacher. Just sayin'). There was a seating chart, and we happened to be next to each other in the back corner. Until the teacher moved us apart because we talked to much. So Adam has to sit in the front, where he wrote me notes on gum wrappers and tossed them across the room when the teacher turned her back. I'd like to say the notes were sweet and sentimental poems. And they were poems. Just poems making fun of me for being a Canadian. Apparently, I like that in a man.

The Lord blessed our relationship, and somehow protected our hearts enough to give us wisdom which we did not possess on our own. Although we kissed when we first started dating, we decided about a year in that if we wanted to "save ourselves for marriage," we should not kiss again until our wedding day. So three years later, we had a nice awkward kiss at the altar (in all seriousness, I'm not sure we would have made it without the supernatural wisdom to make that decision - because I had lots of friends whose relationships were destroyed by the physical aspect. Plus, we were forced to TALK).
All this to say that four years later, Adam and I have been through our ups and downs (and his hair has also been through it's ups and downs. Mostly downs). But the Lord has been faithful to guide our steps as a couple. I love him as much, more really, than I did when I walked down the aisle 4 years ago. He is a wonderful dad and fantastic husband. I mean, for realz y'all, he plans meals, does groceries, and makes dinner every night. And when he did the shopping this week, he got me Cadbury Mini Eggs. Hello love.

Have I mentioned he makes me laugh?
My funny friend Kristi commented on this picture, and I think it sums things up beautifully: "Stop that crazy uni-bomber...he's trying to take your baby...oh's adam...sorry about that!"
Happy Anniversary Adam - I love you and can't wait to see what this year holds for us!


  1. That is the funniest and sweetest post ever!!!! Love your sense of humor :) Makes me chuckle!

    I don't know how you get him to grocery shop and cook but if he's available to give lessons I'd love to hire him!!!! :)

    Hope you guys have a wonderful day. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary ... can't believe it's been four years!!! You guys continue to amaze me and with all God's done in your lives, seems like it's been 40 years!! SOOOO ... just heard BCM FINALLY listened to my pleas and invited you guys to Gathering and I couldn't be more thrilled!!! Just so you know, it was all my idea ... only begged for 6 months!! I'm relentless ... or so they tell me!!

  3. Congratulations, God bless you and your beautiful family. Many Greetings...

  4. Happy Anniversary!! You have an adorable family. I love the wedding pic of your veil blowing in the wind. So pretty!

  5. Happy Anniversary! What an awesome love story you two have. I can't stop giggling at how different Adam looks in every picture you have posted here. I guess it keeps your marraige 'fresh' not knowing who you'll be kissing next!! Wishing you a wonderful day and praying Jayci gets better soon :)

  6. I loved about 18 jillion things in this post, but the picture of the two of you almost k-i-s-s-i-n-g is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, especially since now I know the back story.

  7. Beautiful testimony Becca. Happy anniversary from the UK.
    I love you guys and may your marriage continue to be a blessing!
    Thank the Lord. xxx

  8. Your wedding photos are GORGEOUS!

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Love the blog and your inspiration!! NO KISSING?? Have mercy??!!??!! No idea how you did that!!

  10. not gonna lie... I gagged a little at the "snot coming through the eyes" comment...

    But onto better things - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! What beautiful wedding pictures!

    And you could make every girl swoon telling you two had Chemistry together... afterall, that's how Edward & Bella met... haha!!!

  11. Aww, Happy Anniversary!!!! 4 years!!! I remember sitting in Dr. Walter's CHFD class talking about our long-distance high school relationships and when Adam was looking at town-homes...and all that was more than FOUR years ago?!? because y'all weren't even engaged then! and now, look at us both married to those high-school sweethearts of ours. :) this was a sweet post about your marriage and you should know that even back then, yours and Adams relationship was a good example for me to see. Have a Happy Anniversary today!



  13. what a beautiful post, becca!!! happy anniversary :)

    and i love that he's the one with the changing hairstyles - usually, it's the woman who changes her hairstyle eleventy billion times (at least, i have!) so i'm just giggling over all of his different styles. :)

  14. THat is so sweet! Wow...he's really changed alot...amazing how much different a person can look with hair :) Such sweet and funny pictures :) Happy Anniversary! Emily also shares this special day with's her birthday :) Have a wonderful day! Time definitely goes fast! {and Dan and I met in high school too...he's the smart one! for picking me that is...haha, just kidding! He really is the smart one!}

  15. Happy Anniversary to y'all!! 4 years?? WOW! Congrats!!

  16. Awww Happy Anniversary! Congrats. Cute cute pictures!

  17. I don't know why this made me cry, but it did. Your love is very beautiful : )

  18. This is a really sweet post and the photos help me understand the hair comment.

  19. Oh, this was so beautiful! I absolutely love all the pictures!! And you have such a wonderful love story! A true testimony of the power of purity! I love it!

  20. You guys are so stinkin' cute. Precious post, precious family. And buckle your seatbelt because I just know the best is yet to come.


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