Saturday, March 6, 2010

Linky-Love Vol. 3

Article about the pastor at City of Refuge (one of the ministries we partner with) - I love reading about why he's doing what he's doing -- because it's just like what we want to do!

What do we look like? All about being a NEW creation . . . and living out of that identity. Why in heavens' name is this one so so hard?

Haiti: A Personal Story
(Not mine obviously. However, seriously take the time to read this. Amazing stories, pictures, and heart. Love it)

"We can choose to actively influence our children's attitudes. With our encouragement children will test and think through their beliefs about race, ethnicity, and religion. They are unlikely to ask the necessary hard questions without our help. It is up to us to take the initiative!

Children care about justice, respect, and fairness. Squabbles about sharing, concerns about cliques, and problems with playmates -- the daily trials of childhood -- reflect their active interest in these social issues. So do the questions children ask, when they feel safe enough to ask them.

One important gift we can give our children is to create a family in which difficult issues like racism are openly discussed. By talking openly and listening without censure, we can learn about our children's concerns and help them find connections between larger social issues and their own life experiences.
" -from


  1. Those quotes are so powerful! And I'm going to have to read the Haiti story--I'm going to get some tissue b/c I'm sure it's not going to be an easy read!

  2. That is such a stunning photograph. Precious and striking all in one!


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