Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Apparently, my little sister isn't so little anymore

I am the oldest of three girls. That's right, I have two younger sisters, and I just adore both of them. Isn't it funny how finding out if someone is the oldest or the youngest (or heaven forbid, the ONLY) sibling can completely change how they view them. Like "Oh so that's why you're so awesome . . . you're the oldest."

But that's neither here nor there (which, I'm pretty sure, means it doesn't have anything to do with anything). Except that this post is about my middle sister. Who really isn't exactly "little" considering she's 22 years old and just recently got engaged. I've been wanting to write about her and her fiance on here ever since he popped the question last month. But I was planning on taking their engagement pictures for them and wanted to have some to share with the post. Because we all know posts are better with pictures.
Apparently, I'm not so good at being concise with words OR with pictures. I apologize for the excess.

By the way, could my sister be any more gorgeous? Because I certainly don't think so.

Seriously, we couldn't be more excited to add Ashish (aka Hash) to our family. Jayci, especially, loves "Unca Ash," as evidenced by the fact that she will endlessly feed him goldfish, make him play fetch with her, or simply let him hold her even while Adam or I are nearby. Quite a feat Hash. Quite a feat.
"Where you go, I will go and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God." -Ruth 1:16


  1. Not only should you be proud of your sisters beauty, but be proud of how you captured it!! Fantastic pictures.........I need help, I have the tools but lack the knowledge!!
    Great post!!

  2. Great pictures! Congrats to your sister! She is very pretty! But I wouldn't expect less, you look just like her! (Or she like you, would be more appropriate)!!

  3. Amazing pics, Becca! Their kids are going to have the longest. eyelashes.ever.

    just sayin'

  4. I hope you meant goldfish as in the crackers and not real fish :)

  5. WOW!!! Those turned out great! Congrats to your sister and for you guys to be adding to your family! REally, grat job on the pictures. They are gorgeous! Random question, where did she get her boots? I've been looking for some just like those!

  6. REALLY nice shots Becca! Are you shooting Nikon or Canon...and what lens? Just curious...

    AND, no, your sister could not be any more gorgeous...takes after her older sis ;)

  7. OY... beautiful genes must run in your family!

    And I *love* those engagement photos, I bet they do too!

  8. to answer your question: no, she could NOT be more gorgeous!!! And y'all really do look so much alike. Your pictures are amazing too, better than lots of professional ones even! you really are so talented!

  9. Wozers! You did a spectacular job with these engagement pics! And yes, I have to agree, your younger sissy is GORGEOUS!

  10. Middle sisters are awesome. I happen to be one myself, but I'm just sayin'...

    And all the pics are amazing, but #5 is my fav.

  11. You are SOOOO related. And in the second pic? Y'all could be twins.

  12. Dang, those are some awesome photos!! Just gorgeous - there's nothing like capturing the joy of soon-to-be-marrieds!

    (And that verse from Ruth was the one we used in our wedding!)


  13. OOOH SNAP!!! I thought that was you for a minute!! she is just too darn CUTE!!!
    CoNGRATS little sister :)

    Becca, those pics really look good. May need you to come to Alabama and take some photos of us! :)

  14. She is beautiful!!!!! What gorgeous pictures!!!!!

  15. These pictures are amazing!!! You must teach me ;-) Congrats to the happy couple!!


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