Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Week: Cold Rain and Face Slaps.

That post title makes my life sound a little depressing right now, doesn't it? It's the cold rain part that's doing it. The face slaps are old hat by now. Something has to be done about them, I know. But I've gotten quite adept at single-handedly averting my body from the path of her slap and grabbing her hands, telling her no, and putting her in timeout. Where she promptly signs "all done" (while saying "da done" and then "o-bey"). Yesterday (or the day before, who knows, the chill from the cold rain has reached my bones and probably my brain at this point) she got me right on the cheek so nicely that Adam (who was still asleep) was roused and asked "was that noise her hitting you?!" Why yes. Yes it was.

I'm really making it sound worse than it is. Or maybe I'm trying to tell myself that to feel better. Either way, we have some new time-out strategies and discipline books on their way. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tomorrow marks my first "tech-fast." I've already tried to talk myself out of it because what am I supposed to do cooped up in the house with the cold rain?! Also, the diet coke part is making me feel slightly panicked. Oh I kid. But seriously, when I was pregnant, my husband wouldn't let me drink diet coke. So I went cold turkey. And oh the caffeine headaches. Also, I had slight shakes every time I heard someone open a coke can. I dont have a problem people. Geesh.

I'm sure y'all are wondering what's going on with this family. The answer is that we don't know exactly. We see them every week and check in with them, but we're never sure where they're staying. And that makes it hard when we arrange a sitter, drive an hour downtown, and can't find them, have to drive an hour back, sit in traffic, pick up Jayci . . . Which leads me to reason #549 we want to sell our house and move downtown. Anyways, we see them on the weekends and have been able to supply them with diapers, formula, and other basic needs as often as possible (thanks to y'all!)

On Monday night, Courtney and I decided we would make our friendship bread (which her friends had given us the "starters" for). Because we felt extra hungry, and friendship bread is really good were out of gallon bags to give away more starters (my sister knows the "real" name for that, but heck if I can remember what it is. I dont think it's English, and I have enough trouble remembering things in one language). It turns out that all those starter kits you would normally give away make a helluva lot of friendship bread. Not even kidding, we ran out of pans and were making friendship muffins, mini friendship bundt cakes. . . But don't worry, we put them all in the oven at once (which my sister says is a big no-no apparently) so we could enjoy them with the two hour time frame of our Chuck and House watching escapades. Not to mention the fact that our hubbies wouldn't stop asking us if it was ready yet. Geesh.

Sorry for the random post. I'm typing with a UGA snuggie on, and I'm feeling slightly distracted by its warm and functional goodness. Not that I need excuses for random posts around here.

To keep things legit, and perhaps to even offer this post some semblance of meaning, here's our week in pictorial review:

"So what if I have muddy cheeks? I'm still rocking a pink hat which means I'm totally girly."
Jayci is obsessed with our dog, Maverick. Every morning, the first thing she wants to do is get him out of his crate. Then she pets him and blows him kisses and tells him HI over and over in a very high-pitched voice.
Bath-time! Normally I discourage standing up in the tub. But look how cute . . . She gets away with too much doesn't she? Shoot.
Jayci is still obsessed with bath time, brushing her teeth and washing her hands. Weird child.
Happy weekend everyone! See you Monday. Or possibly earlier. I totally give y'all permission to call me out on it if anyone catches me blogging or commenting or facebooking tomorrow.


  1. Oh, those pics just rock the house, girlfriend! And really, I did my tech fast last week; I'm not sure that it was intentional, but it was needed. Sorely needed. Well, at least the "no-blog" part of it. And I have to hook up a new computer and considering how Murphy of Murphy's Law apparently considers me family, I will most likely be on ANOTHER tech fast. Cannot say how long that one will last, but considering my short fuse lately, it could be for a very long time if I actually hurl the new computer through a window (totally likely).
    AND.. it sounds to me as if you are doing exactly the right thing with Jayci and that you are making headway. Might not happen overnight, but when it all clicks, the victory will be sweet! You are a GREAT momma... don't let satan whisper that crap in your ear....

  2. the best part of your random posts are the pictures you throw in of your little girl! how cute is she in the tub!

  3. Good luck with the slapping.... I'm only saying good luck b/c I don't have kids and I have no idea what one might say in such a situation...

    As for the tech fast, thanks for sharing about how you were feeling nervous and didn't want to do it. I've been fasting on Fridays for a few months now, and the past few weeks I have just dreaded doing it... Your little mention of feeling the same way, reminded me that it's a discipline and although their is joy in the sacrifice it is about bending my will to match the Lord's will, so that it is challenging means I still have growing to do!

  4. Love the pictures!! Such a doll! And she's got a good mamma, too! Every little one tests the boundaries like that so don't feel alone!

    One thing I've had to really establish in our house is respect and it ain't been easy! But I know that my kids have to learn to respect me first before they will ever respect God. They've had to be disciplined swiftly and immediately for hitting mamma. They know they are disrespecting you even at that age. A great book on training up our children God's way is "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman. It was such an encouragement to me! You're not giving up and you're doing the right thing!

  5. How can someone that cute be such a slapper? Ha! :)

  6. Hope your fast is making you productive and open to new things today -

    Have a great weekend (and Jayci looks totally cute in her pink hat).

  7. Making all the bread from an original starter at one time makes for a ton of very popular Christmas gifts. Just ask all of my coworkers and family :) I do it every year!

    Good luck with your tech-fast and dealing with the hitting :(

  8. LOVE the bathtub black and white shot!

  9. That bath shot totally rocks!!!!! Frame it! Hope your tech fast day went well and you aren't experiencing too many withdrawals :)

  10. I know I have told you this before but I love your randomness. Keeps me on my toes and guessing what is next.
    Funny about the tech-fasting...I think I unintentionally did that the last two weeks. I think I was just kinda burned out and needed a break.
    Hoping there are brighter (sunnier) days ahead for you :)

  11. Oh my gosh Becca! Your pictures are so beautiful! I have to go read about your tech fast because I think I need to do one too. Last night while we were praying for dinner my phone signaled a text message...sadly, I peeped my eye open to see who it was from.

    This is RIDICULOUS! And I need to do a devotional again. I am SO spiritually empty right now.

  12. She is a sweetie! Love the back lighting in the tub shot!

  13. Love the bathtub pic's!! So cute!

  14. great shots! love the bathtub shot!


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