Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Ministry . . .

This is the kind of post that simply shouldn't/couldn't be written quickly. Despite that, I am in a little bit of a pickle, so it will inevitably be written quickly.

For those of you who are new here, (first of all, HI, I'm Becca) you may not know that my husband and I (and Jayci too) work in ministry to inner-city kids in Atlanta (and for those who aren't new here, you clearly already know this because I'm not so good at being concise and non-repetitive).

It all started with a summer camp for kids who can't afford to go. And we fell in love. And then my hubby started a mentoring program, because we realized our kiddos needed more follow-up, someone to walk through the darkness WITH them. Next? We are planning on (God willing, someone please buy our house!) moving downtown Atlanta to live in community with those we're serving, and hopefully start a youth/rec center downtown to run the mentoring program from.Basically, we work with kids in our own backyard (not Africa people) who live in poverty, surrounded by drugs, violence, sex, abuse . . . They have failing schools and a higher incarceration rate than graduation rate. Girls get pregnant at 14, and it's completely normal. Marriage is unheard of. . .Once we realized that these were our neighbors, the "least of these" that Christ commanded us to love as ourselves, we could not claim to be Christians and not love them with our lives.

Like I said, this post really deserves more (not that I can even necessarily do it justice on my best days). But I only have a few moments right now, so if you want to read more (and I don't know why you wouldn't, with this stellar writing/explanation), here's a few posts that (hopefully) do a better job explaining our ministry and lives and why/how we're doing what we do.
Our story on Broken Voices (we're episode 3: Jump)
Talking about our lives on One Million Arrows
The Little Blue Box
One Very Cold Night
Why the Last Minute can be the Best Minute
Never Doubt in the Dark What you Know in the Light
Baby Steps

*If you want to read more about other people's ministries, visit Kelly's Korner.


  1. Hey Becca,
    Oh my gosh! I got referred to KellysKorner and I scrolled through the blogs and I saw "Stanley Clan" - I was like :" That sounds familiar". I clicked on it and it was you. What a small world!
    I love your blog! Well done!
    - Chizor

  2. I love, love, LOVE what you're doing, and I'll be back soon to read ALL about it!

  3. You guys are absolutely amazing. I love what you are doing and pray for you guys daily.

  4. Hello! Over from Kelly's Korner! What an amazing thing you do for these children. You have blessed so many children's lives and you have inspired me to reach out more in my community.

    I especially love the idea (now plan, I assume) for you and your husband to live in the community you are serving!

    Bless you and your family

  5. I am thankful for you and the way you help and care for the 'least of these.' I know so well that it can be easy to let someone else do it : ) I am glad you listened to God and helped. Praying God's blessings on you and your family.

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

    Wow, you are an amazing person with such a big heart. God Bless You!

  7. love your blog!! this is great... and your house is SO cute! i thought it was funny that i was thinking "OH, so CUTE!" as i scrolled through your house pics, and then i realized you were talking about not being so neat and tidy... so, i definitely didn't notice the brightly colored bibs or any other clutter... :o) i will have to come back soon and read more about your ministry... very awesome!!

  8. Hi! For some reason your names sound familiar, not sure if you have been to my blog or not...if u have and I am braindead...please forgive me ;-).

    If not-I wanted to introduce myself. I found your blog today and read what you are doing. We have a very similar story. My husband and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary TODAY of living as full time inner city missionaries! We left the suburbs of NC, and moved up to the ghetto in Philly and have no plans to leave. There's obviously way more to the story, but you get the gist. AND... our son (who is almost 8 now-ahhhhh!) was exactly your daughter's age when we decided to move and he was 23 months old when we actually moved. We now have 2 more kiddos ;-).

    My public blog isn't about that-it's about homeschooling ;-), but I have a private blog and a ministry site, if you'd like to get to know us at all, just email me if you'd like the links!

    I have you in my blog reader now and look forward to keeping up with you. Inner city ministry is a unique place to's always nice to meet someone who shares similar passions!



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