Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Dear, I Think I'm in the Wrong Car

I got my computer back this morning from the IT people at my office, because it was acting funny. And by "funny" I mean completely incorrigible. Almost as bad as Jayci. Upon my computer's return, I felt like I was being reunited with an old friend. It was a tender moment really. In a sad plot twist, my computer still didn't work properly, so it was cruelly ripped from my arms for another night with the IT folks. It was like a bad Lifetime movie. Let's just hope for a happy ending.

Is it weird that I had a dream about Mexican food? In the midst of a high-stakes adventure of some sort, I dont remember much about the chases or adventures. But those enchiladas? I remember them perfectly. And I dont even have to ask about last night's dream. Because I KNOW it was weird. Why? Because I was attacked by a parrot. Yup. Weird right? I am terrified of birds. We're talking like phobia-level fear. And in my dream, everyone was laughing at me because I got so nervous about someone bringing their pet parrot to my house. And I was right, and ended up with large beak-marks on each hand. Strangely, they looked a lot like Jayci's bite marks from the other day.

Let's just talk about the fact that I have been the gym approximately 2 times in the past 7 months. The first time I went back, the old man at the front desk informed me that it had been 161 days since I was there last. Thanks for the encouragement buddy. I unwisely returned to the gym again a week later, and took a class called Body Flow. This class is a mixture of yoga, tai chi, and who knows what other forms of torture. I think they're Chinese methods. No I kid. It's actually not that bad, unless you pull a muscle like I did. It still hurts, and that class was 2 weeks ago. Which is a little embarrassing.

To counteract my unusual number of gym visits, I had a girls' night with some friends this week. We watched Couples Retreat and ate lots of food: Popcorn with M&Ms, Velveeta cheese dip, sour patch fruit, mint M&Ms. I feel sick just remembering it.

When I was leaving Blockbuster after picking up the movie for girls' night, I sat in the car for a moment getting myself and Jayci all situated. And not even joking, a random old lady got in my car. I just stared, dumbfounded, and she was all "oh dear I think this is the wrong car." It was freaking hilarious.


  1. I'm still laughing about the lady, 24 hours later.

    I can just see the look on both of your faces....

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine some random stranger getting in the car with me, ha!!

    What have you been eating before you go to bed? That was a random dream, LOL!!!!

    And if it makes you feel any better, lifetime movies always have a happy ending!!! :)

  3. That story is hilarious! Jayci was an angel in Joanns when I saw her!

  4. My husband has done that... gone to the wrong car!!! I'm going to tell him only old women do that!!! :)

    I love you worked out & then had a girls night full of calories!!! Balance - that's what that's called!!!

    The previews for Couples Retreat crack me up every time! I love Vince Vaughn!

  5. i would be lost w/o my computer I really I'm so sorry for you!

    That old lady is cracking me up!!

  6. Omigosh that is HILLARIOUS!!!!!!

  7. oh my. I'm just minding my business, reading your post.... and the old lady thing.

    I seriously, seriously laughed out loud. had to compulsively cover my mouth. Thanks for that!

  8. NO WAY!!! That is frikken hilarious! I haven't laughed that hard in forever;) It would only happen to you, Becca. And what is with the vivid dreams? Are you prego??? That only happened to me when I had a bun in the oven. I'm just sayin'!

  9. LMBO!!!!! Girl friend...I needed that laugh tonight! you crack me up! Sorry about your computer.

  10. I love old people. So cute :) And funny. And just a tiny bit crazy : )

    My gym is a 'judgement free zone' and you know I still feel like the biggest pig when I go there.

    Everyone looks so good. And me? Not so much. I need to go again though. If I could just get over my fear of people thinking I was a big pig...


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