Monday, February 15, 2010

The Great Snow . . .

When the weathermen (I mean, weather people, my apologies) started calling for snow, I'll admit I was more than a little skeptical. Growing up in Canada means that I don't consider a light dusting and a sheet of ice (which I apparently can't drive on) a "winter storm." Call me crazy.

This time, however, the weather-people were absolutely right, and I was delighted to see big soft flakes falling for hours on Friday. It was the kind of snow I remember from my childhood. The kind that blankets the world in a beautiful silence, weighing down tree branches and delighting children everywhere.

And apparently delighting some adults too.
Jayci says "not cool throwing snowballs at my head dad. Not cool." I have a feeling Adam's going to be hearing "not cool dad" a lot from Jayci.
Jayci was slightly obsessed with playing outside in the snow. Me? I was obsessed with the snow on her cute little pigtails. Yum.
Turner trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue. I reserve the right NOT to share the picture of me teaching him how to do that.
Adam and Jayci in the "snow fort" he built. Whatever that means.
Holden also joined the fun outside. Although I believe immediately following this picture Adam helped him make an "upside down snowman" which was slightly inappropriate. And then he (Holden, not Adam) started crying "why WHY, it's so cold, my hands hurt, I don't want to go inside" . . . Kid's logic is so impeccable.

Unfortunately all that snowy goodness melted the next day, never to be seen again. But we enjoyed it while it lasted!


  1. Well, you know where WE were while all of that fluffy white goodness was floating down! But thankfully enough was still around on Saturday for us to get in some good playtime before it melted! Your pics are SO good... I love Jayci's expressions. Oh hey.. I get to see them "for realz" shortly... hoooooray! :<)

  2. So fun!!! I never believe the "weather people" either so when it happens I am SHOCKED. Jayci looks adorable and you ALWAYS crack me up!

  3. And so glad you did! Right now we have no snow at all and that just seems crazy for February in Ontario don't you think? I guess we have a few reminents but mostly all the fields around the house can be seen and the roads and driveways all clear! It's been a weird winter!
    BTW your pictures are getting more amazing every day! And so is that Jayci!

  4. Wasnt that crazy that it melted to fast!? Only in the south. What fun pictures! I need to be a better mom and capture pics of precious moments like you...

  5. Yeah, so now both of my knees hurt (the back of my right and the top of my left) AND I bruised both thighs trying to sled on my stomach today. Ugh.

    Is your pulled muscle any better?

  6. Come to MN...we have all the snow your little heart could desire. I would trade it for sunny and 70...heck, I would take the 40's right now!
    Looks like you all had a wonderful time frolicking in the snow. And you are right, those piggy tails are to die for!

  7. OOOhhhh, it looks like you got more than we did : ) How fun! And I love little Jayci's yellow knit hat! How adorable!

  8. I will gladly share the snow wealth with y'all...Nashville has had a LOT of snow this winter! Glad Jayci got to enjoy all while looking super cute in her snow gear!

  9. What a beautiful snow! Jayci looks like a little doll in that one with her looking right at us. So pretty.

  10. The picture of Jayci in the yellow knit hat is absolutely precious. So cute!

  11. Love the pics. Snow is so pretty!

    I hope I get the chance to see you in Atlanta. I'm so looking forward to that weekend!!

  12. the cuteness of jayci's pigtails and yellow hat just kills me!!!!

  13. Those pictures are just beautiful!!!!!! :)


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