Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've always rolled my eyes and laughed whenever anyone talks about having a messy husband. Because Adam? He's basically a tornado with legs. Clothes and papers strewn in his path, he leaves piles of dishes, shoes, etc all over the place. One time I came home from a business trip to find a large chocolate milkshake all over our white ceiling. Yes, I said ceiling. (To be fair, another time I came home from a business trip to find that same ceiling with all the popcorn removed and brand new crown molding put up).

Here's where I should talk about how neat and orderly I am, putting everything in its proper place and cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, folding laundry (and so on and so forth) on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I've always been somewhat messy. I remember being sent to my room to clean it up, and it would literally take me hours to unearth and organize the various and sundry items I had shoved into my closet and under my bed. Not to mention that inevitably I'd find some book I never finished reading, or old notes from friends, get sidetracked, and tack another couple hours onto my room cleaning time.

My mom always told me that if I'd just do a little bit every day, I'd be spending a whole lot less time cleaning up than by saving it all for one big job. Apparently, the truth of that lesson never quite got through to me. Because I still save it all up. And then it takes me an entire day of HARD work to get it cleaned up. The worst part is that it then takes us a mere 49 seconds to return it to it's previously messy state. Between Jayci, Maverick, Adam and I . . . with our powers combined, we are a powerful force for messiness.

Trying to sell your house apparently means you should keep it clean (or at least cleaner than we typically keep ours). Because sometimes people will call you and ask if they can come see it in 15 minutes or so. Resulting in a mad dash to clean up mess, which may or may not include throwing large quantities of clean but unfolded clothes in the attic. Not that we've ever done that or anything.

A few people had requested some more pictures of our house, so I snapped a few the other day. I found it hysterical, however, that not a single one included a clutter-free home, suitable for house-selling photography purposes. I actually deleted them, but kept thinking about how funny they were, so I rescued them from the "recycle bin" to share with you here. Don't say I never do anything for y'all.

*Look! Messy curtains, dirty dishes, and brightly colored bibs. Perfect kitchen decor.
Notice the UGA snuggie, large mound of toys, pink tricycle, red peacoat and sewing machine on the table. Oh and note to self: CLOSE the armoire doors next time. No one wants to see your large collection of DVDs (we're a sucker for the 4 for 20 deal at Blockbuster) and not-working speakers.
Maverick sneak up on the couch, and he's not even wearing his cone of shame. I have no idea what that unidentifiable orange object is in the middle of the floor. And yes, that's the kitchen timer on the mantel. I think it adds a little something to the decor.


  1. Your house does not look messy, promise! I laughed when you called Adam a "tornado with legs." Hilarious!

  2. Ha! my husband is the same way!!! lol Good luck in selling your house!

  3. My oh my I know this all too well! Even from way back when cleaning up my room. My biggest and worst enemy right now with three kiddos and a husband is laundry! I swear I get it all caught up just so I can do more and the clean piles sit on out dresser and the stairs ready to be taken to the appropriate room and be put away but that barely ever happens! I keep promising myself that I will do a load a day and get it put right away, but I can never get it all put away to begin with! LOL It will only get better with a baby around I am sure :) I cannot wait for the day when the girls put their own laundry away! I should take some honest pictures sometime too and share with you! Your house looks wonderful in comparison!

  4. I would do the exact. same. thing. when I was sent upstairs to clean my room. It literally would take me ALL day to do it! I love how similar we are!

  5. whatevs--your house is BEAUTIFUL, slight clutter and all!!!

  6. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA : ) Oh my gosh you are so funny. I am laughing so hard because our timer is on the mantel right now as we speak. Or as I type. Or whatever : ).

    Clutter follows me. Gary likes the house to be clean when he comes home from work. So this means, I occasionally take ALL the mail and junk on the kitchen table and throw it in the garage.

    Currently you can't get in the garage because there are millions of weeks worth of mail and junk out there!

  7. My messiness is legendary. Ask CPQ. But the crazy thing is I'm a great organizer and a frustrated perfectionist. I'm actually doing much better than I used to do. I'm trying to do better about throwing/giving stuff away. The more I have to put away, the bigger mess I have to deal with on a daily basis.

  8. I love this because this could so be our house! First of all, it's barely messy at all. Second, dog on the couch, UGA snuggie, and ridiculous collection of dvd's courtesy of Blockbuster?! Yea.. we got all those!

  9. Oh trust me! This is not messy at all!! My home looks like a tornado hit it by mid morning EVERY morning! Three little tornadoes and one big one (hubs)!

    And I love your house! I think it's beautiful! Ok, so the "wanna be" designer in me is drooling over that couch and those lamps. Gorgeous. There's no reason why this shouldn't be snatched up. Praying it will sell FAST!!


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