Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Worst Combinations Ever

Let's talk for a sec about some of the worst combinations ever.
1: Being busy, but only with boring stuff that isn't blog-worthy.
2: Freezing cold temperatures with no snow.

And that about sums it up for me right now. Lame, but true.

Thankfully, my favorite television shows (Chuck, Modern Family, Glee, 30 Rock) will start up again soon. Unfortunately, we dont have cable so I was unable to enjoy the drama/train wreck which I'm sure took place on The Bachelor last night. I'd be a lot more disappointed to miss it if the new bachelor wasn't Jake, aka the most boring guy ever. I mean, bless his heart, he's super-sweet seeming. But beyond cheese. Which is, in fact, another bad combination: sweet and cheesy. Although now that I type it out, I can think of many things I thoroughly enjoy which are sweet and cheesy. Like cheesecake. Anything with cream cheese icing. Cheese puffs. Cheese in any form really. Here's some cheese desserts I found online. Which, let's be honest, I will never actually make. But feel free to make them and ship them to me.

I will leave you with a short anecdote my friend Danielle shared with me. We have a small car (anyone have a 15 passenger van they want to donate?) so Danielle was helping us by driving Sharonda and Sabo to church. Sharonda was talking about how some boy had hit her friend. And Danielle remarked that boys better not be hitting her, or else Adam would beat them up. Sabo piped up from the back seat, remarking "no he won't, he will sit down and talk to them about it." He knows Adam too well.

Since this post couldn't get any more boring or pointless (bad combo #4: boring and pointless) here's a quick picture of Jayci. Isn't she cute in her little converse? But way too big. Bad combination #5: cute and growing way too fast.


  1. She IS getting so big so fast!!!

    And WHAT???? You dont like Jake? Oh mercy - I think he is just Mr. Perfect!

  2. This is a perfect little combination of ideas.

    Another bad combo: Jan. 5th and Christmas decorations still up. Here's the deal...I'll come to your house and bake the sweets and you can come to mine to undecorate. :-)

  3. 1. This cold is miserable.
    2. Jake is SO lame. I wasnt mad when Brad changed the channel last night.
    3. I dont know why I keep making numbered lists...

  4. Love that picture!!!

    You always make me laugh!!! :)

  5. You didn't miss much on The Bachelor, it was pretty bad. Of course you know I will probably still be tuning in every week. What kind of camera do you use?

  6. um... do you think her coat would fit me?

    yes... cold is no fun... my kids and i just walked to kroger and wow... all i could think is "I better start praying that God puts Payton and I somewhere WAY FURTHER SOUTH than MICHIGAN..." yuk.

  7. I missed the Bachelor last night though I did catch the last 5 minutes of it. I've heard he is cheesy-even though it's crazy stupid television I'm addicted! It's like I need to watch something every once in a while that doesn't make my brain work :)

  8. Honestly, my fingers are so cold that I can barely type right now (computer is in basement, which is leaky, and when the garage door opens, just wow). This post does totally crack me up, because you're talking about The Bachelor and sweet and cheesy and suddenly, *wham* you're into links for cheesy and yummy desserts. All I can think of is "Squirrel"? heh. you so crazy.. (and Jayci so cute!). Wish I had a van to give you...

  9. What a sweetie!

    I can't wait for Glee to come back...but it doesn't come back until April!

  10. LOVE her little converse :) It's so cold and boring here too :( No snow...although in the forecast for the weekend...but it always seems to quit just North of where we are! And school started back today...so back to busy and shuttling back and forth in the fridgidness! Brrr! :)

  11. You crack me up. You and your freaky love of cheese.
    But your daughter. Total cuteness.

  12. Sooo frigid down here, isn't it??!!

    I cannot GET and STAY warm for the life of me!!

    Beautiful girl you have there!

  13. i hear ya on the cold with no snow. if it is going to be 26 degrees, there needs to be some white stuff to play in - for real!

    i kind of want her entire outfit. for me. i have the chucks already ... but the rest of it is so adorable!

  14. Honey, honey, honey.....

    Jake is not cheesy.
    He is not cheesecake.
    He is beefcake.

  15. LOL!! you are too funny! Your blog is always refreshing. Thanks for always giving us a picture of how nutty you are! LOL! I love it!
    you little girl is so precious!

  16. We DVR'd the Bachelor and have only watched the first 40 minutes or so. Not familiar with Jake because we found Jillian's show to be painfully lame and only watched a few early episodes. I'm thinking you must be write on Jake. Because for real? With a body like that and a successful career - um, why can't he get a second date?

  17. Oh my gosh. I said "write" about Jake. Now who is the lame one?!

    Right. I meant right.

  18. You are hilarious! I am sorry, but the bachelor was probably the best thing I have ever watched...EVER! But watch the episodes on ABC.com! I love your blog! Definitely will be bookmarking it ;)

  19. Cable...who needs cable to watch the Bachelor. Isn't it just on your local station? If not you so should watch it online. It's worth laughing at the the girls acting desperate and crazy! Plus, cheezy or not, you have to admit Jake is HOT. Can't wait to see all of the scandal this season. I love watching scandal and drama...just not living it!
    Lovin' Jayci in her little converse. So adorable and she looks so excited to be wearing them!!!

  20. Hey, your pictures are soooo cool! What kind of camera do you have? I have Canon 350d, it's cool but I have only one lens :// need to buy 50mm or something like this :) I will try to put some of the pictures I took of kids. Hope you'll like it! Did I tell you already that I love you heart! It's good to find christians online that love photography! kisses and hugs from coooolllldddd Poland! Helka

  21. Oh my gosh. She is so cute. So cute it is ridiculous. I am coming to kidnap her right now. Not really in case any FBI agents are reading this : ) but seriously, she is PRECIOUS! Love, your non kidnapping friend, Becky


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