Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Storm 2010

Yesterday's Winter Storm has really made things miserable for us. We're stuck at home because snow is piled so so high. And there's barely any food so we will have to sustain ourselves on milk and bread since we bought several loafs at the store.
Or not. But it has been a delightful "snow day" so far.
Adam even stayed home from work, made cinnamon rolls (he's the designated maker of the cinnamon rolls around here because I always burn them. Every. Single. Time.) and danced with Jayci to a little Glee music. The "Thong song" in particular. Family values people, family values.

Speaking of Adam, he loves it when there's any sort of weather anomaly. He's almost as bad as the weathermen (weather women? weather people?) You know, the ones who get disturbingly excited about large tornadoes or ice storms?

One of Adam's favorite shows is "Stormchasers" on the Discovery Channel (in fact he could probably watch the Discovery channel 24/7. Me? I prefer more educational and sophisticated tv viewing, like HGTV and Bravo)

And he gets inordinately fascinated by weather of any kind. He will even watch the news stations when they talk about it in incessant loops. And they continually show the one house that had a tree knock a few shingles off their roof. And they name the storms things like "Winter Event 2010." And it may or may not make my ears bleed with all the repetition and exaggeration.

Oh and as much as we've been enjoying the day, Jayci has spent much of it right here on her time out mat. Why? Well, allow me to show you the face.
Defiant eyes, that's what we call it. And lately it's been appearing right before she hits me on the face. Right? Where does she even learn these things? I have no idea where she gets that defiant streak. Or her flair for the dramatic. None at all.


  1. You must be thrilled to see snow in your parts! Yay!

    That Jayci is a charmer and looks as innocent and sweet as our spawn child (I kid - but I sometimes wonder with her total melt downs lately)! It will get better. I keep telling myself that too!

  2. That's a super cute defiant face =)
    I started reading this post and thought wow they got more in ATL than we got in NC.....not so much though -- we got about an inch I think.....
    THANK YOU for your prayers! I appreciate them so much. I am with you though on the quest for authenticity! I want to be WHO I am and WHO I'm becoming!

  3. I was jealous for half a second when I saw your post title...because I woke up to NO snow this morning in good ole Durham, NC even though all the schools around here were delayed this morning because we were SUPPOSED to get some...but then I saw your first picture of the "inches" you got! ;)

    The pics of Jayci are too cute as always, but the one on her mat cracks me up! It kinda looks like she's straining to "go" on the pot! haha. And is it bad if I love her defiant eyes? They're really cute, even though I'm sure you don't think so. I've never had the smack that follows those eyes though, so I guess I'm not one to talk. :)

  4. Jayci is precious! And the cinnamon rolls look divine!

  5. the winter coat and boots are too cute! (too bad my kids look straight out of 1993 with their gear!) i love the pigtails, too. oh and the shot of the hot chocolate and cinnamon roll...first time i've been hungry in 3 days!!

  6. Oh, my word, those are defiant eyes!! But they look so cute with the pigtails! Glad you weathered the Blizzard of '10 okay.

  7. It is amazing how much kids can stretch every single snow particle when they live in Atlanta~just wait! My boy and the girls next door have been out all afternoon yesterday and ALL day today. Not enough snow to even fill a wheelbarrow, and colder than (I can't think of any of those analogies right now.. it's just freezing!). But out they stay; they'll sleep well tonight. And Jayci's face pic? Looks like a great one for a certain contest coming up next week.... just sayin'....

  8. Okay, of course Jayci is a-dor-able. And those eyes? Yeah, we got a couple of those defiant eyes at our house, too. But your cinnamon roll picture? Is fabulous! Good job with that! :)

  9. Precious pictures! I'm sorry you're snowed in and have to endure those yummy looking cinnamon rolls! :) I love her coat and mittens. Boyd slaps too. I don't know why and where he learned it.

    I truly love to read your blog and you inspire me!

  10. Nice!! It's hilarious how much Atlanta shuts down when we get half an inch of snow. My brother's out of school today and thrilled to pieces.

  11. Oh dear...I know that look, haha! Emily has those big, batting eyelashes and then she does something really sassy! and she's almost 6...she knows better! {{Sigh}}

    She is super cute,'s hard to see any wrong in that sweet face... ;)

  12. Oh my word... that look is so dang CUTE though!!! Especially with pigtails!!!

  13. That breakfast looks yummy!! Love the last shot. She is a cutie!

  14. We rocked out to some Glee music today too...a fun way to stay warm inside :)

    I live in the Gulf Coast area and our weather people are totally hilarious when there is any type of weather event- it's like the Olympics for them!

  15. *honey, we love us some Glee (thong song, too) ;)

    *with the looks of that mug and those rolls, we'll weather the storm with you next time!

    *That one pic of J in the corner needs a caption...UH.DOOR.UH.BULL.

    *Did you know my hubby is an Adam? who ADORES storm chasers as well?

    *those eyes? defiant? maybe. beautiful? yes!

    *welcome to parenting a girl with those eyes, looks and "flair for the dramatic" Rocked my boy world 5 years ago and I still can't find my sea legs!

  16. so adorable, love those eyes :)
    rezika zurch

  17. Oh my goodness, I know she was in time out but how cute is she in those pig tails??? haha!!!

  18. How can you be mad a that sweet little face and those ADORABLE piggies??? I am loving the idea of a time out rug/mat. Each of my kids has their designated spot but that mat idea is awesome.
    You should really come up to MN to see what our snow storms are like. Oh and the -30 windchills...wanna trade places???
    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. In this post I LOVE:

    Jayci's coat - oh my my somebody get me a husband so I can have a baby and give her that coat

    Jayci's pigtails - ditto on statement above but sub in "that coat" with "those pigtails"

    Family value people, family values - LOLOLOLOL

    Adam's love for weather - I think it's a guy thing, I got some instant weathermen in my life as well

    YOU - enough said

    Ya'll have a great weekend and stay warm! Love ya, girl!

  20. The south cracks me up how they shut down when little pebbles fall from the

    I wish we could see snow here in ALabama (montgomery) my child would love it. Being from Chicago I miss it! Jayci is too cute!! you owe our email group an email missy..cant wait to hear from you :)
    stay warm!

  21. defiant eyes... yep yep. There's more of that to come!


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