Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remember My Addictive Personality?

Hi, my name is Becca and I am addicted to taking/posting pictures of my baby girl (who may or may not be a baby anymore, so what?)
Here she is in her cute new hat from this Etsy shop.Have I mentioned I'm a little addicted to putting Jayci in cute hats?

And that I'm also in love with (aka addicted to) Etsy. So much talent there. For realz y'all.

My sweet friend Erica has one. My friend Candace from college has one. My college roommate has one (oh wait, that one's mine too . . . )

Speaking of my Etsy shop, I think I'm going to add some new stuff over there soon. I mean, don't hold your breath, because we all know how great I am at keeping up with my promises on this blog lately. Anyone still waiting for my Catalyst notes? Or Photoshop tips? My bad.

It's my addictive personality. I'm too busy eating Mexican, taking pictures of my baby, and drinking Diet Coke. It's pathetic really.


  1. Oh my gosh what a cute baby!! She is just adorable. I had one of those blond blue kinds...yeah the ones that melt your heart when you look at them...he may or may not still be my baby, at 14. ha ha

    Thanks for sharing in my teasing from CPQ, and visiting my blog.


  2. Hello, she is stinking adorable! Of course you can't help but take pictures of her! I adore her new hat and I love your photos.

  3. I love seeing your little Jayci in those sweet hats...{while diet coke! LOL!} She's so, so cute! We could all get addicted to that, that's for sure!

  4. That yellow headband is a thing of beauty. I must learn how to do that....Right after I finish the 7,458 projects I have started.

    I'm addicted to starting.


    Not so much.

  5. Seriously, you need to get Jayci into modeling pronto, haha!!! :) Her eyes are amazing!

  6. I want a yellow hat like that for me!!! That's crochet... I gotta figure out how to do it in knit!!!

  7. You have the best subject of all to photograph! She's absolutely beautiful little girl and I love all the hats!

  8. Hey, I'm addicted to your blog. Sweet!

    Check out,

    Such cute things and okay, she is my sister...but she is very talented.

    Your babe is pretty adorable in those hats...pretty. stinkin. adorable. And I cried when I read that letter.

  9. OMG these are SOOO cute! Thanks for the blog love!!!

  10. I can see why you would be addicted to taking pictures of your sweet baby girl (and they can be babies as long as you would like!) She is such a cutie-pattotie! Her new hat is adoreable...all of them are. I am a sucker for little girls in hats as well.

  11. She is so utterly beautiful. I could look at her all day.


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