Saturday, January 30, 2010

Linky Love

I'll be honest, I've been a hot mess today. I dont even know what my issue is but just about everything I've been reading/hearing/doing/seeing (ok that's basically just everything - I told you I'm a mess) today has reduced me to tears. Good tears. Happy "look what God is doing" tears, and some sad but hopeful tears too. Anyways, just thought I'd share some good reading and more.

*Matt Chandler on his cancer . . . I can only hope that this is what my heart would look like if I was facing what he is facing.

*Our best friends are at a conference in Waco, TX right now called World Mandate. They are moving there this summer. But I try to avoid that thought seeing as they currently live a few houses down the street and I would prefer it to remain that way. Nevermind that God has called them to something bigger. Oh I kid, but seriously it is really hard for me to even think about them leaving.

Anyways, they met this girl at World Mandate. And she is just about the coolest 7 year old ever.

*This story sort of reduced me to the ugly cry. Pray for them.

*I also figured it was probably time to update my links on my sidebar to some of my favorite reads. Check them out . . . you wont be sorry. And I'm not even playin' yo.

*Oh and some of my favorite eye candy (and by that I mean photography not Mexican food. Although I am now deeply in love with this restaurant): DrewB, Altmix Photography, Amelia Lyon Photography.

*And speaking of eye candy, here are some of the most heart-breakingly gorgeous pictures I have ever seen. Remember to keep these beautiful people in your prayers.


  1. There are days I can't get things like this off my mind. I clicked over to read about Matt-what a heartbreaking story yet you feel so inspired and at peace when you read it.

    Praying for all of them!

  2. ugh. Ronel's story broke my heart. To imagine that bright smile snuffed out, and an ocean of tears pouring from his broken little heart... THAT is a tragedy. I could rage on but won't. Just thanks for sharing this and the other stories, both uplifting and heartbreaking. Our hearts NEED to break for others... only when we are broken can God truly put us back together the way we need to be....

  3. I was enmeshed in Ronel's story last night, myself. Wow.

    Those pics from the one link. Oh my gosh, moving, I tell you.

    Praying for each need! Thanks for sharing!


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