Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For Jayci, Just Cause

I was reading over some of my last few blog entries and came to 2 conclusions: 1-I'm weird; and 2-Jayci might read this some day and think all she is to me is a cute face that hits me sometimes. Needless to say, I decided I needed to remedy that by telling Jay a little bit about herself and our lives right now.
Dear Jayci,

I'm not sure if you know this, but your daddy and I fall more in love with you every single day. All of a sudden, at 16 months old, you've blossomed into a little bundle of spit-fire energy and personality. It's almost like you just realized exactly who we are: You love pointing to yourself and saying "JJ" and then pointing to me and saying "mama" and to dad and saying "dada." It makes me heart swell with gratitude when I realize that you love me (almost) as much as I love you. And that you know you can trust us. And that you've discovered this confidence in yourself, despite remaining quite dependent on us for all your needs and your security. This stage is definitely separation anxiety 101 for us, and the kiddos at church think you're mean because you only want your mommy or daddy. Secretly I love it. Zack and Sabo (aka "Ack and Bo") are the only ones you'll trust and let hold you. Which also warms my heart.

One thing you probably know by now about your mommy is that she tends to ramble. And lose things, including her train of thought. And this letter is surely no exception.
Anyways, you LOVE reading (like your momma) and are a little obsessed with personal hygiene (clearly unlike your momma). Maybe you get that from your reformed germ-phobe daddy. Every time the water runs, you sign "wash hands" or "brush teeth." And after I let you brush your teeth chew on your toothbrush for 30 minutes or so, you arch your back and throw yourself on the floor in despondence when I take it away (I know right, how could I be so mean?!) Not to mention the fact that you are insistent on having a bath every single night. Not like me, who's lucky to shower once a week. Oh I kid, I obviously shower at least every 3 days or so . . .

You're a signing machine, and I could not be more grateful to my bloggy friend Rachel for suggesting it (the Baby Signing Time videos worked like a charm for those of you who are wondering). I can't tell you how many times every day I tell you to "chillax" and tell me what you want rather than just, you know, throwing a royal fit. Half the time you just sign "please" which doesnt really help but it's better than "falling out" (as the kiddos call it).
You totally crack me up on a daily basis. I literally LOL (see? I'm a cool mom, it's sorta my thing) at you multiple times a day. See exhibit A, the face I get when I tell you to smile:
You've also recently discovered your voice, and we have long gibberish conversations throughout the day. Your "talking" mostly sounds like some African language, especially when you see something you think might be a horse and you click your tongue (because that's what you think the horsey says. Not neigh. Click.) Your favorite words are "hat" and "ball' and pretty much every animal sound. You're quite good at them actually. Well, except horse; we're still working on that one.
Thankfully, you have finally discovered that sleep is NOT the enemy. Tonight, in fact, you practically begged me to put you to bed at 6:30pm. Bliss, sweet baby, that's what it means for daddy and me. Eating, however, is not your favorite thing. I'm not sure who you belong to when you even turn down cheese and chick-fil-a. But seriously, lets work on that one ok? It's driving me crazy.

Despite your quirks, the face-slapping and tantrum-throwing, and that stubborn streak that just came right out of left field, I'm pretty sure you are the best little girl in the whole world. And that's my honest, un-biased opinion.

Love you forever (Although I hate that book. Cause it's a little creepy in my opinion),
Mama :-)


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha - I giggled and guffawed my way through this. LOVE her expressions! You've got a silly one on your hands!

    And I am beyond PUMPED that Baby Signing Time worked for you! I mean, HER. Cuz (ahem), it's all about the baby, not the mommy who is dealing with the "Ican'ttellyouwhatIwant" fit...

    You had me laughing all the way to that last line... thanks for the update on your little one!

  2. We did the Baby Signing Time with my 20 month old, and I have ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! Beyond measure. The best, seriously, just you wait, was when she said "jooko" to me one morning, and I said "Jooko? What's jooko?" And she signed "thank you" at the same time she said "jooko". SHE taught ME her language! Yippee!!
    It's good stuff.
    We have the same no-eating thing as you...maybe it's a toddler thing? I don't know, but it drives me batty. Hopefully our girls will figure it out SOON!!

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. You are so sweet! I am totally flattered. :)

  4. This is beyond priceless Becca! When Jayci is able to read this she is gonna LOL herself and hold u tight! Loved this post and all the pictures! Your little girl is one precious gem.

  5. what a sweet letter :) and she is so cute in her little hat! She will really enjoy reading this someday and sure to appreciate such sincere thoughts :) great idea!

  6. Deep breaths - the cheese and Chick thing will come :)

  7. Soooooo sweet, and those pictures are just precious!!!! :)

  8. You are TOTALLY a cool mom! LOL! :) Reminded me of the guy from "Modern Family" (I'm down with LOL-Laugh out loud, WTF-Why the face?) hahah!!!

    Thats so cool you have her signing... such a smart way to have communciation!!!

    And love she's a clean freak already!.... that face makes me smile every time I see it!

  9. This is so sweet and so funny!

    Seriously, that darlin' face makes me want me a Toddler (did you ever see Raising Arizona?!).

    Girls are just a hoot in my opinion and J sounds like she's going to keep her Mama on her toes!

    And, maybe she could come down South about 40 miles and tell my J about personal hygiene because my girl does NOT want to do baths!!

  10. Love, love, love how much you love that little girl of yours! I want to be you, one day Becca Stanley ... "just cause" of all the wonderfulness that is you!

  11. Loved this! Why do you think that book is creepy? You won't strap a ladder to your car when Jayci is an adult...climb up her window...and snuggle her? Haha. Okay. Creepy indeed.

  12. WHAT! You hate that book? Get the heck out of the city. I was all excited to wax poetic about this post and then that book jab came right out of left field : ).

    This was so delightful! I am so excited that you get to be her Mama. She is precious as can be.

    It is hard to believe that anyone on the planet does NOT love Chick Fil A.

    You are a great Mommy! For real. And I learn from you and your love. Thank you for being a great example of an unselfish Mommy.

    Now please go take a shower : )

  13. First (because I always get wrapped up in the story and forget the illustrations...), those pictures are just wonderful. Sweet, silly, funny, beautiful... you covered it ALL! And oh please, oh please... I hope to get to SEE that cute little face "for realz" soon! (and thanks for the warning; I won't be offended if she totally ignores me or refuses to let me even touch her, and I will NOT expect her to let me hold her. But if I'm reeeaaaallly lucky.....??? nah. nevermind). Now, for the story. The horse/click thing? Since she's been around horses, I wonder if she heard people clicking to the horses to get 'em going, and now she connects that sound to horses? And oh dear me, she and MY Adam will get along famously, because he IS the king of the bath. As for "Love You Forever"... I'm just glad folks are finally admitting it's creepy. Ten years ago, everyone raved about it to the point that I just smiled and said "Oh, I LOVE it!", all the while wondering how someone could be so darn chipper about their kid putting their watch in the toilet. And yeah, the ladder thing, and cuddling the big man? Weird.
    Now... after doing this blog entry here in the comments, I think I shall be a copycat and do one for my BIG boy...(sans ladders and slithering into his room at night to rock him.....)

  14. what a sweet girl! Her little expressions are so adorable!

  15. I loved this Becca! I thought it was absolutely the sweetest thing!

    And I think she looks like you in the last picture...

  16. I'm just glad you didn't say that she looks like me in the third to last one . . .

  17. I love the pictures, I love the sentiments, and I'm totally going to order that video! my little guy is almost two but only knows animal sounds... he "falls out" all the time!!

  18. Oh Becca, that was so sweet! The pictures are awesome. That girl of your has the prettiest blue eyes ever. And I think it is awesome that you have been able to teach Jayci signing. The farthest I got with that is the sign for more. Both kids used it a lot though :) Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful memories.

  19. She's a doll and this post made me wish I could meet her!

    (The mom crawls in her grown son's window! Yes, that is indeed creepy!! Co-dependent much?)

  20. What a darling post. It's so important to freeze the moments in time. Some day we'll be grateful for all the time and all the photos!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice compliments! I'm trying to decide if it's time to leave the corporate world (I'm still on maternity leave from an engineering position with a major pharma company) and be with my boys and follow my dream in photography. I doubt myself all too often about my skillset. You gave me a boost today, so thank you for that!

    Hope you'll stop by again some time!

    Peggy {In My Life}

    ps - Oh, yeah, 2-3 pacifiers are a must at bed time! Julian loves to have one in his mouth and at least one him his hand!

  21. This post is beyond adorable . . . SHE is beyond adorable . . . lucky mommy you are!

  22. OMG what an adorable little face she has! So cute.

  23. Beautiful pictures, beautiful letter, beautiful child :D

    Just one little thing...if my 7 kiddos are anything to go by, don't worry too much about the food thing! All of mine have eaten really well as babies, until about the age J is now ~ then gone on hunger strike for a LONG while. Around about 5/6 they seem to find their appetite again and all my older ones eat really well again now. It's a phase. Quantity is not as much an issue as balance, so just try to balance it through the day, so that she is not living off cake!! ;D My now 2.5 yos would live off cheese strings and chocolate if I let him, but he will eat 'plain' chicken too, so sometimes he has a plate full of it!! Just go with the flow and keep offering stuff, one day she will decide she is hungry again and eat ~ it just might be a while yet! The biggest thing is not to make food a battle ground (as I was inclined to with my eldest) and to keep your spirits light about it. Don't let it drive you mad (even though I know at times it can be very worrying thinking they just can't be getting enough). Unless her skin is mottled, her hair falling out and she is listless (which, lets be honest here, does NOT appear to be true!!)then she is probably just eating what she needs ~ instead of what you think she needs! Reward for good eating (whatever you can think of), but don't make a big deal when she doesn't. When she is about 3 start raising the bar a little and expecting more ~ she will be old enough to understand 'bargaining' by then :D ~ but still keep it light! Just my 2penneth ~ hope you don't mind ~ I know what a worrying hair-puller it can be!!


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