Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clearly We Are the Next Big Thing

Jayci @ 16 months old from Becca Stanley on Vimeo.

A few notes about this stellar video:
1- I know you are all super-impressed by my tower building skillz. Especially the way I promptly knock over everything I add to the tower.
2- I am slightly appalled by the levels of dust on that side table. And if I'm appalled, it must be bad.
3- I'm thinking I should have wiped Jayci's nose before deciding it was a good time to film her for all of blog-land to see. I dont want to doom her to social suicide before she even starts preschool.
4-Jayci may or may not be wearing a 3-6 month old size sweater. I thought it fit, but now that I see it on video, I'm rethinking my position. This is what I do with nearly every outfit I put on. I think I look GOOD until I see it on film of some sort.
5-Please ignore my "singing." Clearly if I was actually trying to sing well, my voice would sound a lot more like Kelly Clarkson.
6-Jayci keeps trying to pick/wipe her nose. I think it's a hint that I should wipe it.
7-Please also ignore the tipped over space heater. It's very safe and not a fire hazard at all.


  1. She is so unbelievably cute in living color! I love her expressions!

  2. HAHA!! Great video and I love your notes below it! She is adorable!

  3. Oh. my. I miss those days! As they get older, the conversations aren't so cute and simple. What a smart, sweet baby girl... I love her smile, and the way she says "Mama?" Precious...

  4. Clearly she is brilliant as she has her mother doing her building work for her.

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  6. darlin' thing!!

    Aren't those wooden blocks the best?!

    Girl, I rock me some Kelly Clarkson if you ever wanna duet..I could sing Justin Guarini's part if necessary! ;)

  7. She is a DOLLLLLL!!! I love her sweet voice! Dont worry about the happen to the best of us! Dusting is so tedious. I must say that my favorite parts of this video are at about 2:55 & 3:10 when she ouches the snot with her finger and then licks her finger =] Haha! All kids do it and its funny {&gross} everytime =]

  8. She is soooo stinkin precious!!! :)

  9. I think you are the best Mommy in the world. That is what I think.

    AND PS Me too about the clothes. I will go out in the morning feeling all cute and adorable and then I will look at myself in the post office door or some other odd place and think "Holy MAMA I am a hot mess!"

  10. LURVE those hats! I think I will have to check out Etsy for sure!

  11. What a gorgeously beautiful little girl! Wow!


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