Monday, December 7, 2009

Trimming the Tree

We had quite a busy and eventful weekend (shocking I know).

Friday night we did something. I only wish I could remember what it was.
And then Saturday we went and cut ourselves a Christmas tree. Actually, we just picked one from a stack, I only wish we cut it like I used to in Canada. But beggars can't be choosers, particularly because we got it for free. Free dollars is my favorite amount (as an aside, the reason we got it for free is totally legit and also totally boring).
We dropped the tree off in our back yard, and headed to Adam's parents house for a little tree decorating fun. Because when they decorate their tree, they always eat coconut chocolate chip cookie. And y'all know I'm all about that.
I also cut Jayci some bangs. I hated to do it, but I was just plumb tired of her hair getting stuck in her snot. Gag."what the heck is this thing? I wonder if I can eat it"

We changed our clothes into "dressy" attire for my work Christmas party Sat evening. It turns out I NEVER wear dressy clothes and therefore don't own any. Luckily, I had a fantastic maternity dress, so I just added a belt and went. I only managed to get this one picture of Jayci in the festive Christmas dress I made her before my camera died. So you'll have to take my word for it that Adam and I looked smokin' hot presentable (which is no small feat for us).
We had a great time. Actually, "great" is probably too strong a word because Jayci was a hot mess. But I DID enjoy some good food and making new friends (I work from home, remember, so those in the office don't get to enjoy my wit and charm most of the time).

Sunday morning, Adam had his first VAM mentor training (woot!) so he dropped Jayci off at his parents' house while I went to Metro Kidz. We (some friends and I) brought several little "helpers" home from church to decorate our tree. Let me just say that 5 small children running amok in my little house was dangerous. Several ornaments were victims of the madness. However, I think my tree has never looked better (particularly if you like the look of 5 ornaments on one branch . . . )
Then I went back downtown and picked up 25 more metro kids to bring them back to our "other" church for a special show: The Fantastic World.
When we were planning the event, someone asked, "so what's the worst case scenario, a fight?" And I hated to break it to them, but a fight is more like par for the course than "worse case scenario" with my kiddos. And they did not disappoint. Luckily there was only one time when Adam had to carry out a kid kicking and screaming. . . But overall, it was a fantastic time and I especially loved that Adam, and not me, had to drive all the screaming kids home after we filled them up on sugar and pizza.
*Side note: Zack now forever has my heart (not that he hasn't always had it). He was the only "older kid" who came over to our house this time, and since I had to leave all the kiddos at my house (with trusted adults of course) while I went to get MORE kiddos, he was insistent that all the kids cleaned up their mess for me. And he fed the dog and put him in his crate. I mean clearly we are making a difference in his life, and therefore Zack felt invested enough in OUR lives to care about what happened to "his" house. And I'm not saying that to toot our own horn, but to point out that the Lord WILL use us, even in our weakness (um I am a "weak" cleaner of my house to say the least), to minister to and transform HIS children.


  1. The picture of her walking to adam is SO CUTE!!!

  2. I love that 3rd picture of Jayci and Adam!! Awesome!

  3. oh becca ... that picture of her walking is stunning!! please please PLEASE print and hang that one somewhere!!! <3

    sounds like a fun weekend! :)

  4. that hat!

    that coat!


    you look so gorgeous!

    loved the pictures (and the post, too!)

  5. Her hat and coat are so cute!
    Love your comment about how you and your husband looked~can totally relate:)
    Very cool about the difference going on in the lives of the kids!

  6. You and all that you do for "your kids" is so stinkin' awesome. You have a heart of gold and you are welcome to toot your horn about it all you darn well please!

  7. Your daughter is beautiful! I love her bangs, so cute!! And her name is cute too :)

  8. Yeah, so...when are you going into the photography business? You take the best pictures!

  9. aw what zach did made me tear up

  10. You are so pretty.

    The baby is so so so pretty.

    Even Adam is pretty : )

    I love that the kids are so special. I LOVE that the lady said worst case scenario is a fight. Ha Ha HA HA! That is too funny. Worst case scenario is more like murder but whatever : ).

    What do you do while you are working from home?

    PS I bet your dress was cool. You always look cool!

  11. PSS Your pictures are getting SO great. Like super, super great. You are great.


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