Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve to Jen!

I know I already posted today, but I thought Jen might want to see a few of my favorites from her little family photo shoot I did this week. I lived with Jen for a year in college, but haven't really been in touch much since then. Her and her husband live in Mississippi and have an adorable little 3 month old baby girl. She's a fantastic momma and a great friend - so it was such a pleasure to get to take a few quick pictures of her family for her. Merry Christmas sweet friend!


  1. Great to see you again, Becca! Thank you so much for taking our pictures. I love them!!!

  2. Becca! These are so good. You are getting AMAZING. You are a super star. I am SO so SO glad to know you! Seriously.

  3. Your comment at I Heart Faces tonight just TOTALLY and completely made my day! Seriously! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart! You are always so kind.

  4. Congrats on winning the "Park-it". Thought I'd stop by for a bit. Your daughter is beautiful. I have a little girl too who just celebrated her first Christmas. Feel free to click my way sometime. :)


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