Friday, December 4, 2009

Horses, Head-injuries, and Holiday Fun!

Welcome to the Saturday after Thanksgiving! I realize we're a little tardy to the party . . . but whatever. After a day of not shopping, we decided we wanted to show Adam's visiting family what camp was all about, so we grabbed some kiddos and headed up there.

The kiddos lined up nicely for us. Although every time I just glance at this picture, I am convinced Sabo is giving me the finger.

I particularly enjoy Zack's pink hoodie. Because nothing says macho like a pink hoodie.

Brenner (who is seven years old) going on the zip line. Yup, the same zip line I was too scared to go on for 7 whole weeks while I was up at camp.

The kiddos all geared up, and not afraid of death like I am. Well, I'm not actually all that afraid to DIE (hello heaven) but it's the FALLING 50 FEET before the painful landing part that scares me.
See? High. That's what that is.
And we thought that this would probably be the ideal day to get a Stanley family picture. Because, you know, we were all dressed up and looking our absolute best.

And this is how we were finally able to get all the children under control.

Fun times were had by all. Although Adam's cousin did fall out of the golf cart and bump his head, and the mean little miniature horse did escape, causing large amounts of fear and anxiety and running for our lives.

The fun time ended, unfortunately, when we had to drive home (normally an hour and half to two hour drive) and it took us nearly 5 hours. Apparently, Thanksgiving weekend is a big travel time. Who knew? Our car held 4 kiddos and Jayci, who was not planning on being tardy for the party by falling asleep (despite it being 2 hours past her bedtime). At one point, Sabo passed a little gas, and we rolled down the window to air it out; this, apparently, afforded Jayci the perfect opportunity to chuck her pacifier out the window. Meaning we spent 30 minutes searching for the missing pacifier, and finally had to stop and buy her another one in order to stop all the crying.

On the plus side, however, Jayci may have a better throwing arm and more athletic prowess than her mama.


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! Loving your posts still even when they are late :) We had so many issues with Abigail and her suckie that I was so thrilled when Tessa dropped hers on her own very early! No trying to rid her of one at 2 years old. Only huge problem being is she cannot seem to settle in the car, so when she is tired she screams blody murder until the final destination! What can I say? She likes he bed!

  2. um... the paci cracks me up!! and the cousins have gotten sooo big!

  3. Oh my! What an interesting trip. I must tell you, I love your sense of humor and sarcasm. Your posts always make me giggle :)

  4. You have the best attitude!

    And I've been there with the-paci-out-the-window thing.

    Except it was the old at-the-zoo-throw-sippy-in-the-wolfpen thing.

    Memories. Crazy. But good.

    Sweet dreams.

  5. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me :)

  6. LOL!! fun times! love how you keep using the title of a song I hear one of the Atlanta Housewives recorded..hahaha classic!
    hope the cousin that fell is feeling better :) Merry CHRIST-mas!

  7. Oh. My. GOSH. Becca this is such a funny story! Who knew there was a lot of traffic on Thanksgiving weekend : ) I mean who would even imagine that??? : ) And so funny about the passing gas and the highway toss. She is the cutest. And so are all of you as you are dressed in your HOLIDAY best : ) Everything about this post is wonderful!

  8. Sooo fun, except it sounds like the car ride was very entertaining, haha!!! :)

  9. wow.. that looks like one ambitious weekend!!!

  10. I used to work on a ropes course and really miss the heights and playing with the gear. Looks like a fun time!

  11. Okay...I'm really bad about commenting because I saw this post a couple days ago and figured I'd have a comment on here from before. I'm such a bad friend! :)

    Okay, now to the real issue at hand. Where is your sleepy photo. Being at a camp all summer has to have guaranteed you some priceless sleeping photos. :)

  12. Your family looks like so much fun! Thanks for your kind comment on my I Heart Faces post :) I totally know what you mean about the traffic...UHHH! Glad you eventually made it home :)


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