Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Early Christmas Morning

Last Christmas, Jayci was only about 3 months old. Needless to say, she wasn't a huge participant in the festivities. This year, however, Jayci is 15 months old and finally knows a little bit more about what's going on. Let's be reasonable though, she still doesn't totally get it; I mean, considering she climbs in the boxes rather than playing with toys that came in the boxes.

Since we have extended family in town, we went ahead and celebrated Christmas with my family on Monday night. We ate a large and delicious dinner, made entirely by my little sister. Who just recently graduated from pastry school in Chicago and moved back home. Hallelujah. But seriously, I am totally impressed that she knew how to stuff and cook a turkey and all the fixins. Because when people ask me if I made Thanksgiving dinner, I just laugh. I mean, I cant make my rice and chicken and salad ready at the same time; let alone a meal with multiple side dishes. I'm cooking-challenged apparently.

After the delicious dinner, we opened the gifts. Jayci was surprising meticulous in her unwrapping. And neat and clean. Whose daughter is she anyways?
She was quite enamored with the giraffe on her new pajamas, courtesy of auntie sarah.
Oh hi Jayci. When did you grow up? If you could just stop, that would be great. I swear she looks more like a kid than a baby here.

She was convinced that the tire-cover-thing (and yes that's the technical term) for her new tricycle was a hat. I can understand the confusion.She loves her new tricycle! It's super cute and even has blinkers, a radio, and a horn. Which I love. I love the horn. Really. Or not.

I leave you with Jayci's "silly face" - she doesn't take after her daddy at all.

*Merry Christmas Eve sweet friends!


  1. precious! Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours as well. your daughter is a doll!

  2. What a doll baby! Y'all enjoy your Christmas - It's been a gift to get to know you this year -


  3. She does look like a big girl there. She is just beautiful!

  4. She is so luscious. Is that a good word for a baby? I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas. I was thinking about you and your kids in the city today!

  5. I love these pictures of her! She is such a grown-up little girl! sniff sniff. Merry Christmas Stanley fam!

  6. hey let's take the kids on a bike ride soon! holden got a new bike w training wheels and we have another tricycle T can use!

  7. So cute. Love the FENDER on her head ;) I bet she will be tooling around your house on that all the time. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day as well!


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