Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today I Will be Happier Than a Bird with a French Fry

Because yesterday? I was an emotional mess, blubbering like a baby most of the day. I dont even know why. Ok, maybe I do. Hormones.

But today, I am determined it is going to be a better day!

Anyways, I dont have much to say today. My brain is still feeling a little 'blubbery' from all the crying yesterday. So here's a few pictures I've taken lately for friends/family. Enjoy!



  1. Gorgeous photos.. I especially love the sweet smile on that last girl. She is just adorable! And let me tell ya..I have been a blubbery mess ever since I started reading "Irresistible Revolution". SO many things in the book line up with things that have been in my heart for a long time, but it is almost like my world is shifting as I read.
    I hope you get past the blues and into the happy... try to get outside if you can. It's beautiful out there today!

  2. Can I just say that I love the title of this blog entry? Because I do.

  3. your pictures are GORGEOUS! What program do you use to edit them? I just finished a photoshop elements trial version and was ready to buy the full program but then heard photoshop lightroom is really good too, so now i'm not sure. Hope you had a better day today!

  4. You've got that photography thing under. Control.


    And you can write.

    And it's ok to cry like that.

    He puts our tears in a bottle.

    Sweet dreams.

  5. I'm loving your photos, but I have to admit you distracted me at "hormones". Now all I'm thinking is, "Is she pregnant?" "Did I miss an announcement?" Hmmm....time to go search through past posts. I'm nosy like that. :)

    (Hope you're feeling better!)

  6. Awesome Photos....You are one talented lady!!!

  7. I love the photos! hope you are feeling better sister. Hope in GOD

  8. So remember last night when i asked if you were writing a blog about me? haha...i hadnt seen this yet. not that it's ABOUT me, just some pics. but anyways. i love you!

  9. These are great! Your getting good with your camera. I love the ones where they are laying down on the ground with their heads together.

  10. Wonderful photos! And I hear ya about the hormones. I have been like a raging bull this week. Hope your weekend goes better ;)

    p.s. I have my first giveaway going on until Sun at noon so stop by for your chance to win an awesome pair of earrings.

  11. Wow. These pictures are so beautiful! : )


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