Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Mid-Week Weekend Update

I waited until Wednesday to give y'all a little weekend update, because that's how on top of things I am.

As per usual, this weekend was nothing short of crazy-busy.

Friday night we took the boys to a Thrashers game(that's the Atlanta hockey team for those of you who don't know . . . ) Just a word of wisdom, hockey arenas are a little cold, I think it might have to do with the, you know, ICE they play on. So I was freezing most of the game, but other than that it was a fun time, mostly because we won 7-0. And 4 of those 7 goals were scored within 5 minutes. And let me tell you, it was an exciting 5 minutes. Both boys lost their voice from screaming things like "boy stop" and "oh un-uh, not in our house" . . . I particularly liked the 7 goals because every time they scored, the thrasher heads on the ceiling would shoot fire from their mouths, warming me up momentarily.

Saturday we made the executive decision to stay home and clean. This decision was made based primarily on two factors: 1-We STILL hadn't unpacked from our Chicago road-trip a week ago, and 2-We had approximately 8 loads of clean cloths (wrinkly, but clean) in various states of un-folded-ness throughout the house. *Please note that we didn't actually accomplish all that much on Sat morning in the form of cleaning and folding, we mostly slept.

We then enjoyed a delightful meal at the Flying Biscuit before doing a little visiting kiddos/neighborhood scouting/driving around downtown. We're desperate to move I tell you. Anyone want to buy our beautiful house in the suburbs? I have great taste in decorating. Oh I kid, but seriously, anyone want it or know someone who wants it?

This brings us to Sunday (could I be more boring?) and the big fundraising banquet, involving my public speaking debut. Let's be honest, I literally didn't say a word. Nope, I just stood there and looked pretty. They did show this video(episode 3: Jump) about our lives (in which I talk a lot, and even make some snarky/sarcastic comments-funny how I can be myself on camera but not in front of a crowd). After the video, we interviewed the boys, so they could tell everyone about camp, hanging out with us, how cool we are, etc. **Please note that each boy put approximately 12 sugar packets in their sweet tea so they could be "hyped up" for their talk – that gave me plenty of confidence in what they were going to say . . .

Anyways, the boys did a great job sharing their hearts. I especially loved how they introduced themselves IDENTICALLY: “My name is _____. I live in downtown Atlanta. I love to play football. My favorite subject is math. I love spending time with Adam and Becca.” The banquet went really well, the kids taught the audience (all the big money makers remember) their camp cheers, including jumping around and criss-crossing your legs (which I still cant do right after 3 years of camp) .

Since this is getting ridiculously long (what else is new?) I will end by sharing the rest of our Sunday night after the banquet: We dropped 6 children off in various and sundry areas of Atlanta, went back and picked up Jayci, brought her home, put her back to bed, and literally crashed into our own beds. I mean does anyone else feel tired just reading this? And I don’t mean tired from boredom, although I realize that might also be true.


  1. Hi Becca,
    I enjoyed the video! I really appreciated what you said about just jumping in and doing something! And how you talked about taking that first step instead of just staring up the stairs to where you want to go. That's how my husband and I have felt about our mission plan. We were in FL and settled in our house but we felt we needed to take that first step out because unless we stepped out we weren't going to start moving! =)And even though we don't know where we'll end up we trust the Lord to lead us each step of the way, like you shared happened with you. Thanks for what you are doing with those kids! God is being glorified through you!

  2. You just crack me up, Becca! It sounds like good busy (well, the shivering at the hockey arena was maybe a little over the top... that's why they make those things called sweaters..?) Do you subscribe to Groupon? They had a coupon for The Flying Biscuit a few days ago; I knew I'd never be anywhere near it so I didn't buy in. But I do love me some Groupon coupons..
    Thanks for the mid-week weekend update.. now, back to our regularly scheduled program. Like trying to figure out why the weather radio alarm just went off. ???

  3. Sounds like all good fun (minus the cleaning and laundry folding!). IF my computer wasn't so old, I would have loved to have watched the video, but am sure it was fantastic!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and so glad the banquet went well!!! :)

  5. Happy Weekends right! I mean except laundry that is a curse...grrrrr my arch nemisis!!! ;)

  6. You do have great decorating tastes. I would buy your house in a heartbeat. If I lived in Atlanta : ) Your weekend sounds so busy! I am glad the banquet went well. I am so thankful the boys have you and you have them. I know you make their lives so much better. If I think about it too much I start to cry!


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