Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here's the Plan, Stan

I always say that to Adam. Because, you know, Stan? Clever right?

Anyways, we are lucky blessed to be able to attend the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta for the next 2 days. So the plan is to enjoy that, and to enjoy my weekend following that. And maybe to rest and have a little special family time. Without writing on here, or reading what other people are writing on here, or in their own corners of the blogosphere. Because you know what? Sometimes we I just need a little breathing room to gain some perspective and to let the Lord speak to, and minister to, my heart.

"Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him" -Psalm 37:7


  1. Hey! One of my hubby's very best friends is speaking at that conference. His name is Jeffrey Reed.....let me know what ya think!!!!

  2. I was supposed to go last year & missed out! Dang! Have a great time!

  3. Have a great time! This is the first year in several years that my hubby won't be there! I hope to go sometime!

  4. If you see my friends Jeff Noble or Doug Schmidt, tell them I said "hi". We went to OBU together.

  5. Soak in this time girl, enjoy every minute of it!!! :)

  6. Yes, priorities...always a good thing. Seek first the kingdom of how you always remind us of that.

  7. So, what did you think of Priscilla Shirer? My best friend Linnae is her personal assistant now. I'm sure you had a great time!


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