Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things (in Pictures this time)

As it turns out, I have already written several posts entitled "A Few of my Favorite Things" -- isn't that like a deadly sin of blogging? My fault folks, I'm just not all that creative when it comes to titles. That was always the hardest part of English class for me. I know, I'm lame.

This particular post, however, is totally allowed because I'm writing it specifically for I Heart Faces (where the theme is, shockingly, "My Favorite Things" -- well thank-you Captain Obvious. Sheesh, I don't know why y'all keep reading this).

When I told Adam I was going to include a picture of him for this week's theme, he said I should put one up of him from high school. That way, people would think I was saying "the hot pool boy" was one of my favorite things. This, for some inexplicable reason, gave me the giggles.
Because when Sabo and Zack saw this picture they said: "Adam you was too skinny. Now Becca been feeding you too much" (But no worries, because some of our friends are doing the Medifast diet, and Adam decided he will do the "Adamfast diet." A diet that, luckily for him, includes Frosties at 10pm. A snack which may or may not have been influenced by a chocolate-craving-hormonal wife.)
*But look how far we've come! (notice I didn't say how far in which direction)Another favorite: This new face. I mean seriously, how can you resist a face like this? Even when it's accompanied by her new favorite habit: Shaking her head no when she's doing something she shouldn't. And doing it anyways.
And my kiddos. This goes without saying. For realz.

Someone(not that I would EVER throw anyone under the bus. Ahem BRAD) forgot to bring me back my camera memory card so I couldn't take new pictures featuring more of my favorite things. Let's be honest, we all know what they are already. But just in case you forgot, here's a few of my daily (hourly, minutely if possible) indulgences/favorites.

Chick-fil-a -- I cant think of a better way to stand (or finish) my day. Especially if that cup contains another favorite thing. Fountain Diet Coke (why is it so much better?!).
I think we all know what else I love. That's right. Cheese. In any form really. But particularly when eaten on chips or in conjunction with any sort of Mexican fare.
Oh my. I might need some of this. Pronto.

And books. Glorious books. I've always loved reading (even when I had to take a stand for what was right and good and read on the playground, which was really great for the social life, let me tell you). Luckily, my current friends are much more understanding of my love. And one of them even got Jayci this amazing print from Etsy.
Oh and cleaning. I love cleaning. Or not.

I just need to stop before this post turns into a novel and I miss the deadline to actually include it on I Heart Faces. Which would devastate all of you, I'm sure.


  1. Love your favorite things!
    I'm a new follower! I love it here!! :)

  2. Girl - you look EXACTLY the same!!! Love the younger picture of you two!

    MMMMM... cheese...

  3. Hey! I thought I had your email address, but apparently I don’t. So – of course I love your pictures. :) But I wanted to let you know that I linked to you over the weekend, which prompted someone else to link to you, too! Yay for linky fun! :) (Seriously, this is why I wanted to do the right thing and NOT put this all in a comment!) Anyway – here are the links: and

  4. I love your list! And I think you and your hubbie were cute in high school and still are today :-).

    Lovely, happy pictures to accompany your list!

  5. Happy pictures for a happy post. And I definitely agree, fountain Diet Coke always tastes better!

  6. Great post, but know I'm craving Chick-fil-a! Why, o, why must I live in the north, where there are no chick-fil-a's around...

  7. Fountain coke is ALWAYS better. No. Question. About. It!

  8. I don't think I've ever eaten at Chick-fil-a. That's okay...I don't need another fattening food added to my list of favorites. Now, Diet Coke. And cheese! I'm right there with you. Guess I should have put them on my list.

    Hmmm...I just noticed Yelena's comment saying that there are no Chick-fil-as in the north. Guess that's why I've never eaten there. My hips are grateful. :)

  9. I'm with Rebecca - you look just the same - a bit cuter as a mom tho :)

    And that face is A-DOR-ABLE... speaking of Jayci. And love the joy evident on your kiddos' faces :)

    And God wanted us to be happy - that's why He invented cheese!

  10. Chick-fil-a is one of my favorite things, too! I'm so glad I live in the south!

  11. just want to say YOU're one of MY favorite things!! i love you!

  12. I love your pictures, your awesome sense of humor, your habits (reading is an addiction for me, too), your beautiful kids, and your cheery blog (especially the cool title font)! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing some much-appreciated encouragement!

  13. We don't have a chick-fil-a here in Canada. What exactly is it you are eating there? Looks delish!

    You always make me smile Becca! Thanks for blogging. I think reading your blog should be added to my favouite things list and I have a new one as of today... Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte! Yum!

  14. Cute as always Becca! I avoided this post because i thought i could write about my favorite things for forever, too--you did a great job with yours!

  15. the Mexican looks amazing yumm... Love the picture of your daughter

  16. I love the picture of Jayci!!!! That tongue is ADORABLE!

  17. Congratulations Becca! You won the Itty Bitty Design set from Everything Etsy. These will look so cute on your little one!!!

    Contact me so I can get your email info.



  18. Love your favorite things! Your little girl is ADORABLE! lol

  19. Cute, love the high school pic!

  20. LOL on the high school picture! You guys are a beautiful couple. Your family is beautiful too and now that chick-fill a picture just makes me drooling wanting some chikin LOL.

  21. Fountain Diet Coke IS much better. I don't even like Diet Coke unless it's from a fountain.

    The cheese on chips? I'm craving them now. Or just a hunk of cheese. Got any smoked gouda laying around?

    The Chick-fil-A? Yes, please.

    And what are Frosties? I might be missing something and that would not be good.

  22. Sometimes I think, I could never love Becca any more than I already do and then I click over and I am JUST AMAZED at how flippin cool you are. I mean SERIOUSLY FLIPPING COOL! How the heck did you get so cool and fun.

    That new face of the babies is the sweetest thing in the world.

    And your kiddos, well, I just love them. Like love them so much I want to move to your house and help you with them. Can Kaish and Gary and I come there?

    And I need the medifast diet really bad. Can you please say some motivating words to me to make me do it? OK Great!

    See you at chick fil A : )

  23. You really are too funny. It comes out so well in your writing. BTW, Chik-fil-a...if you haven't seen it yet, you must check out the Chik-fil-a song by Tim Hawkins. It's hilarious. I think you would enjoy that one.


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