Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Festival

This past weekend, Adam and I strapped Jayci in her fancy new carseat (which is already riddled with crumbs and goldfish remnants), picked up Zack and Sabo, and headed back up to camp for the second annual Fall Festival.

Despite the decided chill in the air, the biting wind, and the 2 hour drive from Atlanta, we had a great turn-out and a wonderful time.

But don't take my word for it. Ask Zack if he liked riding a horse all by himself (although he did declare "the horse is broke," because she didn't want to gallop or, you know, move, without a small heel kick in the side).
Ask Sabo if he enjoyed doing backflips into the hay.
Or ask Anthony if he liked using our brand new basketball court.
And Turner if he liked painting pumpkins.
Or ask Jayci if she enjoyed was obsessed with the horseys (Yes! Yes she was!)
And if she liked wearing her new hat. And walking around in her new boots. Cause I think she did.
There's more pictures of the fall festival on the Vision Atlanta Mentoring blog.


  1. Ohh! Two of my very favorite things! Kids and horses! (Just picture me squealing here)

    And too funny what he said about the horse being "broke"... cuz buddy, the horse being BROKE is a GOOD thing! Cuz when a horse is NOT broke, he throws you off! :)

    Love all the pictures!

  2. That black and white pic is ADORABLE. I think it's my favorite one yet.

    And I don't do horses since the Bucking Off Incident of 1977.

    I know, you weren't even born then, but it was traumatic.

  3. Must now knit a orange & red hat like that for myself!!!

  4. How fun.... and that last picture of Jayci is amazing!!!!!! :)

  5. These are lovely, especially the last two :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. That last picture is adorable!! Looks like fun!

  7. Awww, awwww, awwwww! LOVE the pics.. the boys look like they're having a blast. And Jayci? A girl after my own heart; from the time I could show any sort of preference, horses were my life. I love the pics of her.. especially those last two...

  8. Wow what great pictures!!!!!!! The last one is my absolute favorite!


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