Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Extended Scepter

Every Monday morning, I jump stumble out of bed, hopefully at least 15 minutes before Jayci wakes up, so I can shower and apply a teensy bit of the makeup. Why this massive feat of energy and strength you ask? Because Monday mornings are Beth Moore Bible study mornings at church. And if you think I'm going to sit there, surrounded by beautiful women of all ages, and watch Beth with her cute outfits and big ol' hair in my normal attire (which may or may not be unshowered, pajama-clad, diet coke in hand. . . ) then y'all don't know me very well at all.

All kidding and fashion/hygiene aside, I really look forward to Monday mornings(and not just because I get 2 hours kid-free time with Jesus). For anyone who doesn't know it, let me just tell you that Beth Moore? She likes to drop the Truth bombs. I wish you could see a page of my notes from one of the sessions. They may or may not be unreadable, what with all the scribbling and frantic note-taking.

This Monday, Beth was talking about Esther approaching the King unbidden. Shaking in her sandals, she waited to see if King Xerxes would raise his scepter or allow the axe to fall. But here's the kicker: when the King extended his scepter to Esther, she had to reach out and touch it. Beth points out that Esther had to walk forward and accept his approval.

Well DUH, I couldn't help but think. What was she going to do, ignore the scepter and let the axe fall instead? Of COURSE she reached and touched the scepter, accepting the King's approval; it was a matter of life and death. . . But isn't that exactly the point? Every day for us, we need to reach out and touch the scepter of OUR King's approval. He patiently holds it out to me, and I find myself too busy. too tired. too frustrated. too disillusioned. too strong. too weak. . . Too everything/anything to touch the tip of the scepter He offers. What I don't recognize is that it is still a matter of life and death. Every day when I choose NOT to accept His approval, it's like I reject the cross. Allowing instead the axe to fall, and the enemy to devour me like a roaring lion.

So today I choose to step forward (even if I'm shaking in my royal robes pajamas) and touch the cross. To graciously and thankfully accept the approval and the LIFE that He offers. And to walk in the Truth that I am accepted, loved, pursued, adored. To walk in abundant life knowing that I am a queen, loved by a King, with a purpose to fulfill and a destiny to meet.


  1. That’s Beth Moore for you, always telling it like it. When I can I watch her on Life Today on Wednesdays when she’s on there. This was GREAT. I’ve always wanted to do a Beth Moore study!

  2. That accepting part is sometimes so hard, when we look at ourselves in our own filthy rags and not in light of the righteousness that He offers through Christ.

    Thank you for passing on the lesson.

  3. Love it, Becca! This is great. I'm so excited that you're doing this study... it rocked my world! :)

  4. Awesome post! I need to check out the Esther bible study. I have heard some amazing stuff about it. Love that Beth Moore!

  5. I love this!! Thank you for that reminder, Becca!

  6. Oh, I loved Esther! It just gets better and better.

  7. i needed to hear this, thank you


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