Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crafty, In More Ways Than One

I can actually only think of one way I was crafty this weekend (unless you count the number of ways I mooched diet cokes).
This weekend was, however, an endeavor in craftiness of the most ambitious kind. My college roommate Gini and I relived our "glory days" by drinking large amounts of diet coke, eating Sour Patch Kids, chips and salsa, and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Oh and making stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Cute stuff.
Although we didn't necessarily make large amounts of money, we sure did have fun. And as an added bonus, we opened our brand new Etsy shop! If you'd like some hand-made stuff, visit and buy it RIGHT NOW (clearly I am working on using the word "stuff" as much as possible in this post. Because I'm a good writer like that).

But for real, go visit and make me happy. That's what this blog is all about right? Making me happy. For sho. And if I'm happy, I will work on making y'all happy too . . .So stay tuned for a "BG Doodles and Designs" giveaway, coming soon to a blog near you.

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  1. Cute 'stuff'!
    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. i love your new blog header! i was actually gonna comment on here that you should sell blog headers from your etsy shop. then i thought to look and see if you had already had that bright idea, and voila!
    ps i cant wait to see you in a little bit--i got you a present today!

  3. Super cute stuff. You are indeed crafty and tallented!

  4. oh the glory days. ;) love everything... post, new header... and MOSTLY that I spent the weekend with you!!

  5. Love that u r getting ur Etsy on! lol Where is all the stuff for boys? lol The girls just get it all,huh? What about some team stuff for the dudes, like the Texas Longhorns...hint hint! lol

  6. How cute...I'm headed there now!

  7. okay:

    1) love the new header! Great verse and perfect pics

    2) Love the craft fair pics.

    3) cannot wait to check out your etsy store! oo la la!

  8. love the crafts and "stuff".... very cute! beautiful pumpkin fun as well...

  9. Well, I don't even have a girl and I feel I must go over and buy something WONDERFUL from you! Oh yes I do. So as soon as I bring my wallet in from the UNLOCKED car in my driveway I will pop over! : )


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