Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Tribute to Glee

Just to be clear: I have NOT watched last night's episode yet. So y'all better not make any comments that give anything away. Consider yourself warned.

Anyways, Adam and I became slightly obsessed with the music from the first episode of Glee. We put it on a CD (is that outdated? I feel like it might be. At least it wasn't on our mix tape. Although if we had a mix-tape, it totally would be on it) and forced allowed our kiddos to listen to it in the car while we sang the respective boys and girls parts in "Don't Stop Believing" (and by that I mean that Adam sang both parts loudly).

*side note: Adam and I are simply trying to broaden the boys' view of musical excellence. And please note that we hope to instill in them a love of the MUSIC of Glee and not necessarily the actual show, since it's frankly a whole lot less wholesome than I thought it would be.

Luckily for us, you simply can't fight the feeling when it comes to Glee music, and Don't Stop Believing has become one of the boys' top requested songs in the car.

Glee: Don't Stop Believing from Becca Stanley on Vimeo.

*Please note the following:
1- Yes, Zack is using Jayci's baby rattle as a musical instrument. I think it adds to his street cred.
2- Do you hear Adam singing in the background? Because hahahahaha
3-Zack's facial expressions? Crack me up.


  1. Journey passed down to yet another generation. I just shed a tear.

    That video COMPLETELY made my day. I'm only sad that no one took on the solo air guitar. You're slipping in your mentor role, Becca.

    (I have a Glee playlist on my iTunes....which I'm pretty sure is the 2009 equivalent of a mixed tape.)

  2. 1) Totally acceptable to have a mix cd. We did grow up in the 90's after all.

    2) No spoilers, but Glee is definitely a little dirtier than I thought it would be.

    3) The boys are precious. Love them. :-)

  3. Best part of my day. Seriously.

    Zack and I? We'd totally be buddies.

  4. That is the cutest thing ever. Glee was good last night, definitely a different direction than I pictured, but I am hooked! (Mix tapes and cds are absolutely ok!)

  5. I am a recent Glee convert and I am so glad to have read this post....because I was thinking about how I could get all those songs?

    And today, I've been singing All The Pretty Ladies. All. Day. Long.

  6. OH. MY. I LOVE the music from Glee. I too am in a dilemma since it definitely lacks the wholesome quality I was hoping for, but I feel hooked! I watch most of the show with a slight cringing feeling, but when the music comes on, I'm in love again :-)

  7. Love it! Love Journey too! Liam started watching Glee but I have yet to see it. All I know is I was having an early night and he was laughing so hard that I had to close the bedroom door to block him out! He said it is a must see and when he told me what he was watching I immediately thought of you and your post previously about the show. Is that totally weird? I am always talking to Liam about people in the blogs I follow. He must think I am crazy, but I swear he knows all of you almost as well as I feel I do because of the stories I tell him :)

  8. Didn't know about glee. I am locked in the house with a one year old all day! lol I have been schooled! I too, love Zack's face. Fun is what is all about!

  9. I am SNORTING with laughter. I needed that today. Who DOESN'T feel better after belting out a little Journey?

  10. I have refused to watch it, but you have now convinced me to try one episode :) too funny!

  11. I LOVE love love the music from Glee and this video is great! So very cute.

    Check out my blog, I left you a little something :)

  12. We love Glee too, although I have not had a chance to watch this weeks yet. Love DVR! I enjoy watching it with my 15 year old daughter, but when my younger boys are around I am cringing and wondering if I should fast forward or just shut it off with some of the humor and dance scenes. By the time I react the joke has passed. Ooops!

  13. I keep meaning to watch glee just so I can leave an educated comment here about it when you post : ) Maybe next week!

  14. This was wonderful! Those boys are so lucky to have you! Even if Glee is not as wholesome as you would think it would be!

  15. ok. this video just made me laugh hysterically!!! this will now be stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

  16. Oh my word, somehow I missed this video. This missing disturbs me greatly but thankfully I stumbled back on it because IT MAKES MY LIFE COMPLETE. Love it!!!!


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