Friday, September 25, 2009

Fix it Friday: Photoshop Tips (Part 1)

I figured I'd combine my fix-it Friday for I Heart Faces with some of the tips/tricks I learned at the Photoshop seminar this week (disclaimer: Jayci wont sleep or entertain herself for anything this week, so my brain is a little fried. Apologies if this don't make no sense).

But then I SAW this week's Fix-it, and it might be a little out of my league. But oh well. Here it is anyways. By the way, I adore Catherine's photography and felt totally encouraged that she sometimes forgets to change her settings too :-)
Original:Here's my first/original fixes just using a quick tip I learned this week at the seminar:
Basically the tip the teacher showed us was to go into channels to make some of your edits. The red channel also contains all the contrast info, so any changes to contrast you make there will be way more effective than applying it to the whole picture. The green channel contains all the details, so that's where you want to do your sharpening for maximum effect. And the blue channel contains all the 'garbage' (the noise) so that's where you want to run your "despeckle" and reduce noise etc.

So after the basic fixes (which literally took like 2 seconds) I played a little to get a few more looks:

This is my favorite one I think. Now if only I remembered what I did to it . . . Aren't I helpful?Cropped. Converted to black and white using Boutwell's actions and then brightened to achieve high key look. Cropped, ran 'antiqued brown action' (which I actually found via Catherine's blog)Today is turning into "one of those days," you know the kind: where no matter what you do, you just can't win. So after going like 3 rounds with Jayci, I'm tapping out . . . I'll post some more tips/photoshop insight this weekend for you!


  1. Isn't it amazing how a picture can change just by a few click in PS??? I just love it! And you've done a great job!

  2. So good girl i love all of em!!1

  3. Oh my gosh Becca! You did SO amazing. I don't really understand what you are talking about since I don't have Photoshop only elements, but this made me want to go out and buy it right away. I love Catherines work too. It is SO beautiful!

  4. Great tips Becca! A lot of that I didn't know and will definitely try out next time I'm in PS. Thank you for taking the time to share all that!

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces

  5. Thanks for sharing those tips! You should go have a nice bubble bath now and some chocolate. :)

  6. Great editing!
    You blog rocks by the way!!

  7. Great job, I think I like the black and white one the best.

  8. These fixes are great! I need to check out the channel tip you presented...I have so much yet to learn about PS!

  9. Love them all!! I think the black and white is my favorite. You are awesome.

  10. Great Job!!!
    I love the tips too, I so need tips! ;)

    Cant wait to read more!

  11. I came to see your blue becca! Where oh where is your blue? I am too lazy to use comments this morning!

  12. Just this year I've started to mess with my bad photos. It's amazing what switching to black and white will do...

  13. {LUV} the photos!!

    You've convinced my to take a class.

    P.S.: Thanks for stopping by My Blog. Don't miss a post, remember to subscribe.

  14. Becca,

    It's so nice to meet you! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. :) Your blog is ADORABLE! I'm loving it!

    Have a lovely night,

    Caroline Joy

    P.S. I saw that your banner images were taken by Altmix...don't you just love them? I can't wait to get married so I can have them do my wedding! :)

  15. Thanks for the great tutorial, I often use tips from to edit my own photos Try to and I'm sure you'll like it. Good luck.


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