Thursday, September 10, 2009

9 Things on 9.9.09

1 – Yesterday, I ate this:And it was delicious. But seriously? Straight melted cheese: What’s not delicious about that?

2- The current state of my house can only be described as, well, chaotic. Most certainly, I would not call it presentable or inhabitable for guests. Which is unfortunate considering we will have about 35 people here for Jayci’s first birthday party on Saturday.

3-Speaking of Jayci being one, excuse me while I go cry in the corner. No way is my itty-bitty baby ONE already.

4-This is how I sleep too. Or not.5- Glee. Watched it. Loved it (despite the slight cheese factor and the fact that the beginning made me nervous because I did not enjoy it at the level I was expecting. As I've mentioned, however, I have a slight problem with unrealistic expectations and ensuing ).

6 – I pretty much love all things crafty right now. Which means I am pretty much obsessed with Etsy. And it turns out I have some pretty-darn-talented friends. For realz y’all.

Ed’s Stitches – I could just die, those birdy pillows are too cute. They’d be perfect for Jayci’s room . . .

7- We have Jayci’s one year birthday photo shoot with our dear friends (who are also super-talented!) of Altmix Photography. I have Jayci’s adorable outfits (yes plural) all picked out, but I am in a conundrum about what I should wear. Any suggestions?
8-Check out Jayci-face's modeling debut. She's hit the big time! Or just with her grandparents' company. Either way.

9-Our internet has currently decided to take a leave of absence from working. As it turns out, apparently, so has our maid.


  1. Is Jayci really sleeping like that??? that's hilarious!!!

    I LOVED Glee... already listened to "Take a Bow" this morning like 10 times! & Loved the cheerleaders singing too!!!

    Gotta go check out the new model's debut!

  2. Awww, how can handle all the cutness that is Jayci??? haha!! :)

  3. I'm excited to see her pictures!!!! She'll be beautiful because she always is! Love that sleeping picture...I tell ya when they sleep they are so out of it..I wish we could still sleep that way!

  4. Ok that picture of Jayci sleeping is hilarious! And we are both cheese crazy girls! One day we will meet and have a cheese party! :-)

  5. I haven't watched the latest Glee yet, but I thought the pilot was fun.

    Your maid must be on vacation with mine. Hope they at least come back with a nice tan.

  6. I have yet to see GLEE but im hearing awesome things about it! Jayci is so cute!

  7. Did one whole year fly by as fast for you as it did for me? Your daughter is all kinds of cute! Just love her modeling debut. A princess fo shizzle!

  8. You are so cool. Someday I want to be as cool as you. Dear Jesus, please oh please make me as cool as Becca at the Stanley clan! I can not believe how adorable your little model is. Or the fact that she is one. WHAT IN THE WORLD! Why do they keep growing. Can not wait to hear about the party. Or see the pictures. : ) I would love to take her pictures. Please move to Philadelphia. The end.
    and PLEASE please PLEASE come to the conference. Even just a day. I am going to ask Angie : ) Oh, and I didn't see Glee. Why am a I loser?

  9. Great post. Yum...cheese, Jayci sleeping...LOL funny, Glee...been watching it too and yes, I kind of like it, your dear friends...talented indeed, and your daughter modeling...not surprised...she's a definitel cutie.


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