Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why I Knew It Was Time to Come Home

We are finally at home, and our vacation was lovely.

The weather was beautiful. Irresistibly warm, crazy-hot really: the kind of heat you can't enjoy without jumping in the pool every few minutes, or turning your lounge chair to face the breezes off the ocean.

The food and drink was good (not GREAT, mind you, but "you get what you pay for") and they were, after all, unlimited. Because large quantities of anything somehow makes it taste better. Or not. Whatever.

I devoured no less than five novels, along with way more food than is probably healthy, or helpful to my hips for that matter.

And the company was just delightful: the kind of friends who can talk for hours, play a mean game of spades, or sit in unhurried silence.

Despite the general loveliness of our vacation, I am actually not a jet-setter at heart; so by the last day or two, I was ready to head home.

My arms developed this itch, which I knew wouldn't be scratched until they held little Jayci tight within them. I longed, ached really, to nestle into her still-baby softness, even knowing she would struggle to assert her almost-one-year-old freedom. I wanted to see her flash her two little pearly whites at me. To watch her realize that I had somehow sneaked a bow, unnoticed, into her hair, and then unceremoniously rip it out. I even longed to watch her arch her back and yell/scream with frustration when she doesn't get her way (this longing might have been the pina colada talking. . .)

Not to mention the fact that everything we did left me thinking about how fun it would be to have Zack and Sabo along. When we went snorkeling, and I found myself surrounded by flashing slivers of back, blue, yellow, striped fish eating bread from our hands, all I could think was: Oh the boys would just love this (actually they'd be freaked out and excited all at once but whatever). And as I sat and watched the vastness of the ocean, I ached to tell Sabo about a God who is powerful enough to hold the waves in His palm, but who loved HIM individually.

Besides all that sappy stuff, our resort didn't have diet coke. And I was MORE than ready for a big ol' fountain one. Next time before we go on vacation, we need to call and make sure they serve Diet Coke and not Diet Pepsi, which bears an uncanny resemblance in flavor to soap if you ask me (not that you did, but when has that ever stopped me before?)


  1. So glad you had a great time, and so true... there's no place like home :)

  2. I totally agree... Diet Pepsi cant even STAND in the shadow of Diet Coke! :)

  3. Hope you're at home snuggling your sweet little girl and drinking fountains full of diet coke!

  4. Three days is the max I can be away without getting twitchy about seeing the boys. Glad you had time away...glad you are back.

  5. I LOVED this post!!!

    Except for the diet coke part. It was then that I started chest pains at the thought of a DC free vacation. You are a stronger woman that I.

    Love the pic - those are some pretty people right there!

  6. How fun that you got away for awhile! I bet it was so hard to be away from your daughter.

  7. I can't stand pepsi!!!!!! Love that're looking awesome!!!!

    I bet Jayci was just as excited to see you too!!!! Such a sweet girl you have!

  8. Get home and squeeze that girl of yours!

    And umm... where'd Wolverine go? :)

  9. Hi. I'm visiting from Annie Blogs. (snicker)How much fun was that to click on Annie in my Reader and see you? It was a lot of fun, I tell you!

    I can't live in a world without Coke products. Full-leaded Coke, please, unless it's a fountain Diet Coke. I do like those.

    And I like you. And your blog. And your heart for Jesus. And the fact that you're a friend who lives in my computer.

  10. I popped on over here from Annieblogs and I'm so glad I did (her promise of a darling family and darling header did not disappoint, you guys are oodles of cute!), it sounds like your vacation is fabulous. I will definitely be back to your blog. So nice to meet you!

  11. Thank you for your kind comments about my niece's birthday presents! You are too kind!

  12. Don't hate me, but I totally love Diet Pepsi more than Diet Coke.

    That said, enjoy your time with your sweet little girl!

  13. No Diet Coke???? That's torture! :) Pepsi is absolutely not the same.

    When you were describing Jayci, it was like you were describing my little girl. I'd be missing her too. It's totally worth it, though, to have that time of R&R.

    Two summers ago, my siblings and I went to Puerto Rico for a child-free (and actually husband free - someone has to watch the kiddos) vacation. It was the first time I got to just lay around and read. Absolute paradise.


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