Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Just in case anyone is driving through my neighborhood (which shall remain nameless for the sake of safety and blah blah blah), they should be warned that apparently a crazy lady has been spotted backing straight down her driveway, across the street, and into her neighbor's tree.

Oh wait, that was me.

This is just embarrassing. I mean 9 years with a perfect driving record (well besides that one time when I might or might not have rear-ended that brand-new Lexus and the nice business man told me not to worry about it. But that was when I was 16. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever told my parents about that one) and I blow on something which can only be labeled "acting a fool."

The best/worst part? Our neighbors across the street are old friends. Who will probably never let me live it down. But also already knew I was crazy when they moved in.

On another note, this week has been a doozy. I mean, without even including my little, ahem, car mishap, I've been sick off and on (mostly on). And Jayci also had her first case of REAL throw-up (as opposed to baby spit-up, which doesn't even smell that bad as it turns out). Real throw-up, on the other hand, totally does. One day last week when I went to get her out of bed, she had puked all over the place, and I was all like "that's weird," before going on my merry way (I mean after washing her sheets, clothes, and bathing her of course). So then I fed her yogurt for breakfast. Which was not the brightest idea I've ever had. She threw up all over our beautiful carpet (someone please remind why I thought buying a really pretty carpet in light brown/light blue was a good idea with two dogs and a small child). And then we went to Subway and she threw up there as well. And let me just tell you how delighted I'm sure all of the lovely people trying to enjoy their lunch felt about that one.

Oh and then this past Saturday night at around 2am, she was being really fussy and crying (and the boys - Zack and Sabo - were spending the night and their room is right next door to hers so I clearly had to go get her). And she blew chunks all over me. Seriously, all over me. I whisper-yelled into the monitor for Adam, feeling panicky because I was quite certain the smell and feel of it all over me was going to make me throw up too. I'm getting the willies just remembering it. Yuck.

All that to say that it has been a lovely week. Just delightful really.


  1. Maybe the puke fumes had you temporarily rattled so that you forgot to turn the wheel as you were backing up?



    To both.

  2. My poor husband is always the one who has to clean up the puke. My sensitive nose and stomach just can't handle it.

    As for the car incident...too funny, only because I just backed my car into my husband's parked truck : )

  3. just so you feel a little better - i backed into ken and anita's tree at the end of their driveway on the Other side of the street...and left my back tail light in the tree - it's still there...
    Sorry about Jayci and you being so sick!!! love you!!

  4. Girl, I don't know who I feel worse for, you or the little one! I'll go ahead and say both. Hope she gets to feeling better!!!

  5. You're lucky the car situation only happened once. I have those "that came out of nowhere" moments all of the time. Im horrible with stationary objects! Poor Jacyi, hopefully she feels better soon!

  6. Well, clearly you had an excuse. The puke got to you! I hope there's no more puking - or car incidents - this week!!! (Although...it does make for good blog fodder, doesn't it?) :)

  7. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    So sorry for your hard week!

  8. Oh yes throw up is sooo nasty! It has happened with our babies in our bed more than I can count. As a matter of fact Allie did it in the middle of the night in our bed just a few months ago...changing all blankets and sheets at 3 am wasn't fun :) Nasty nasty stuff! and my husband is like you...he smells it and he gets sick too so of course you know who get stuck cleaning it up.

    I hope she's feeling better now and that doesn't happen again for a very very very long time!

    As for the tree....well I just say it must of moved overnight because it surely has never been there before :)

  9. Oh my goodness, can I say I love you? I know that may be a stretch but you totally crack me up girl. I am crying tears just reading your post!
    I am sorry you had a rough week though! I know how you feel about vommit too. I can handle any poopy situation, be it fully up the back or happening to be all over my hand but vommit makes me gag!

  10. oh no! i'm so sorry! i'm sorry about your minor mishap...but i'm even sorrier about sweet jacyi! i hope she's feeling better, the rug has aired out, and that no one else gets sick!!! hang in there...my mom always say, "this too shall pass!" (even though sometimes i seriously doubt her on that one!) we'll be praying things get better!

  11. Oh you poor dear. That does sound like a doozy of a week.

    A word to the wise...get used to that vomit smell. Seriously. Start acclimating yourself to it via small doses. Because honestly? Oh friend. It just doesn't stop anytime soon.

  12. Sounds like a rough week!

    The neighbor across the street went out and started her car one morning and then ran backing the house to grab her purse. Only she must have released the parking break because the car (which was parked on a pretty good incline for a driveway) rolled straight across the street and right into my grandparent’s house. The literally had her car in their living room. And it was on the evening news and front page of the paper, must have been kind of a slow news day because we didn't live in a particularly small town. So just tell your neighbors they should feel lucky it was just their tree!

  13. Yuck, I hope she is feeling better soon! And, of course, watch out for trees!

  14. Oh my! I HATE the pukies. If there was one thing I could wish away about parenthood it is kids with the pukies. When my kids are sick I pretty much lay waterproof pads, towels, blankets...whatever I can find to cover up the carpet, couch, etc so all I have to do is scoop it up and throw it in the wash. There is nothing worse than cleaning throw up out of the carpet! You poor thing. I hope the rest of your week goes better :) Hope Jayci is feeling better too!!!


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