Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Kids Call it 'Falling Out'

Speaking of loving each other, I think the kiddos have the whole “loving Jayci” part DOWN PAT. For realz. Because every time they see her, it’s like bees on honey. And they’re all: “oh hey little mama, you’re just the cutest little thing, you’re so pretty, I love you so much, you’re the cutest baby in the world, you’re so smart, I love you itsy bitsy, hey pretty” (and so on and so forth)
But I’m a little worried at the fawning is going straight to her head. She may be getting a little too big for her britches these days. And now she throws mini-temper tantrums (full-on arched back and screaming) about EVERYTHING that doesn’t go her way. Annoying right? I have no idea where she gets that whole unrealistic expectation thing from.

As an aside, anyone have any advice on what to do when your 9 month old throws royal temper tantrums/hissy fits? I can only hope that she’s doing this now INSTEAD of when she’s two, rather than as a WARM UP for when she’s two.

Oh and Adam had a counselor cut him a new hair and beard style the other day. When he walked out with it, I was torn between laughing hysterically and feeling embarrassed. But then blog-fodder won out and I took a picture instead. I know, hot right? I’m not sure if he was going for Wolverine or what, but I just don’t know that it’s working for him.

Henceforth I shall refer to him as “weird beard,” as one of this week’s kiddos so aptly dubbed him. There is nothing I love more than watching Adam make these kids laugh. And let me tell you, his new look has been a great success in that area. For realz.


  1. How could they not love all over that precious girl?!?!

    Wow. Nice haircut on the hubs!!

  2. funny you said Wolverine because I immediately thought, "He looks like Sabertooth" from the movie "Wolverine"....

  3. Oh yeah, weird beard has to go! :)

  4. Haha, I love the beard. And, your daughter is ADORABLE!

  5. He totally compares to "Mister T" to me...and let me tell you, the phrase "I pity the fool" might have crossed my mind =). Actually though, that's really fun and I'm sure the kids love it.

    The tantrums, if you deal with them now they probably won't get worse when she is older and will actually be quite mild. I dealt with that with my daughter (3) when she was a baby and I would just set her down and walk away from her when she did it. My rule is still- if you need to cry, that's fine. Just do it in your room. I will take her in her bedroom, set her down, and walk away. She knows she can come out when she is done. (obviously modified when as young as yours). Tantrums are meant for the audience and if they don't have one then they stop quite quickly. I might only have two little ones right now, but I have the benefit of being the oldest child of ten and got lots of experience...especially when my mom was a single working mother.

    Check out (I would buy it) the book, How to Make Children Mind Without Loosing Yours. It's actually quite a good book and was recommended also by a mom of 13 that I know who has some awesome teens and young adults who are out serving the Lord. (I figure she's got proof that her parenting works well in her children.)

  6. That picture is a little frightening :)
    sorry about her tantrums...
    glad she's getting loved on so well!! I miss her and you soooo much!!! sunday :)

  7. I have the same thing happen whith my boys when I take them to camp...everyone wants to hold them and carry them everywhere. It is so cute, but I think at the end of the day, my boys are a little tired of all of the attention : )

    Love the new hairdo!

  8. WOW weird beard is hilarious. And jayci is so sweet! Baby C just started throwing tantrums and I walk out of the room and don't go back in til she stops...don't know if it is working yet, though :)

  9. Cute pics and great memories! Love it all! Hilarious...wolverine.

  10. Wow... some beard! Ahem. Perhaps Jayci's tantrums are from fear of the werewolf that has invaded her domain? JUST kidd'n. And I think I still have that book that Pure Mommy Extract mentioned, should you want to borrow it! Good luck.. and just remember that if you love her the way the Father loves YOU, you can't go wrong...

  11. Okay, so I'm not a mom- BUT I am a nanny and have been working with kids for a loong time. So here's some tantrum advice (take it or leave it, it's just my two cents)- Jacyi knows what the word no means.
    So when she starts throwing a fit you say no fits. You can move her, take her away from something distract her, whatev... but no fits each time.
    She is ticked for sure, but she's also looking for your attention and for you to give in to what she wants. Babies are great manipulators- as adorable and precious as they are, they still naturally know how to work the system!

  12. I'm not sure how you look at him without laughing...I'm still laughing :)

  13. Haha, too funny!!!! Love that picture!! :)

  14. Loving all the pictures! And umm... advice on the tantrums? Seriously, sign language helped us - but the kiddo figured out pretty early on that he was darn cute doing it... not that he used it against us or anything... but it sure works on GRANDMA.

    And worse comes to worse, I bring out the big guns. Either I pat my hand on his mouth and his screams turn to indian whoops (which everyone in the entire store/church/library really loves), or I blow in his face. Which, ya know, can buy you a couple seconds of shocked silence to figure something else out.

    Sorry, not much help, I know.

    And the Wolverine 'do is a hoot! :)

    You gotta share what his shirt says... I was getting a crick in my neck trying to figure it out!

  15. Oh, men and their facial hair...
    My boyfriend did the same exact beard style (just less bushy) and wore it for like 3 days. It was very embarassing.


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