Friday, July 31, 2009

She Definitely Only Had 4 Bridesmaids

I do not believe it's already Friday again. Camp, and now being home from camp with my hubby home too, has me all discombobulated and confused as to the difference between weekdays and weekends. Oh wait, that's because there isn't one. . .

Anyhow, Friday means it's time again for Kelly's Korner's carnival "Show Us Your Life" (wedding edition). And since I am pretty much obsessed with my wedding, I thought I'd go ahead and jump on board.

This is one of my favorite wedding pictures ever. I love how you can see my dress and veil and the beautiful day, plus my gorgeous sisters arm-in-arm behind me. They were both my maid-of-honors (is that the plural form for realz? It sounds weird . . . ) because I didn't want to face the wrath if I chose one over the other. Oh and because I love them both. A lot.
Here's our wedding program. Of which I hand-made 250. Um, clearly I faced a momentary lack of good judgment.
Our initials on the church doors. I know you just thought I was a cheerleader and wanted exclamations of excitement on the doors (RA! RA! RA!) Alas, you should know me better than that by now. I would never be athletic or graceful enough to be a cheerleader.
Here I am laughing really hard with all my bridesmaids (I only wish I could remember why. From the looks of it, maybe Em had just flashed everyone?) The other day at a wedding, my dad was complaining remarking about the insane number of bridesmaids (there were 6). When my sister pointed out that I had, in fact, had 8 bridesmaids in my wedding, my dad jumped to my defense, insisting that I clearly only had 4. Lets just hope he doesn't read this blog to discover his error. . .
The whole crew in front of our slightly lopsided floral arch. All our flowers were gorgeous (after-all, my parents ARE in the floral industry) but that arch was just so lopsided. It drove my OCD self crazy. Oh wait, I'm not OCD at all and it STILL bothered me. That's how lopsided it was. . . Nevertheless, it was stunning.
Two of our young ringbearers. Or one of them is my groom. Whichever.
Guy's boutonnieres: Ranunculus and some other nameless green flowers.
And finally, here's Adam and I right after the ceremony. We were a little giddy. I like this one because it shows off my pretty bouquet of peonies. Since we got married in early March, peonies are not, in fact, available or in season. However, they are BY FAR my favorite flowers (hint hint nudge nudge adam), and my amazing florist had them flown in from EGYPT for my bouquet. I know, right?
Go on over to Kelly's Korner for more fun wedding pictures! I could look at wedding stuff all day. Too bad you can only do it once. Well technically speaking, you could do it more than once, but that's not in my plans. . .


  1. Look at that smile on your face!!! Too precious

    I love the YMCA pic... looks like a great time!

  2. Oh, what beautiful wedding pictures. Isn't is always fun to look back at your wedding day and all you have are the good memories. And I love that Peonies are your favorite flower. They are one of my favorites too. I have some serious peonie plants in my garden. They are near 5 ft tall before the enormous blooms open and bend them right over! I cut 15 boquets this year and brought them into my office for all of the ladies and that didn't even make a dent in them! Anywhoo... love your blog :)

  3. So unbelievably beautiful, my friend! I just wish you looked happier in all the pics. ;-)

    So glad you shared these - it looks it was a perfect day!

  4. I love those had a gorgeous wedding and how lucky are you that you got those peonies? :) I tell are one blessed girl!

  5. Those are great. I love your colors!`

  6. Peonies are my faves as well - and hydrangeas. Which cracks me up because they are all sissy and floral and romantic-y and I am not a sissy person.

    Your pics are gorgeous. RA! RA!

  7. What a gorgeous wedding you had! I love the variations in the colors of the dresses, and the cheerleader initials were gorgeous.

    My favorite flowers are Gerbera daisies, but I went with whatever was cheapest for my wedding. (It sure would have come in handy to have parents who are florists!) I'm loving the peonies. They are definitely up there in the top of my favorite flowers!

    Oh, FYI, maids-of-honor. I'm such a LA teacher. :)

  8. *sigh* those are gorgeous pictures and such precious memories to go with them! loved reading through and seeing everyone looking so happy!

    And I LOVE peonies too!

  9. Your wedding really was so beautiful. It only would have been more beautiful if you had a certain McCormick couple there, too! :) Too bad we didn't know each other yet! What is your anniversary again? April?

  10. Such gorgeous photos! Your wedding looked like it was so much fun. It is quite obvious that you were having a blast! Your blog is super cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!

  11. Those seriously are some gorgeous pictures my friend!! Beautiful day!! :)

  12. Well, I didn't hear about the vacation but I did read this beautiful wedding story. I love the last picture too. So adorable. And your dress is to-die-for! The bridesmaids are exquisite : ). LOVE the peonies. You had the most wonderful wedding ever : )

  13. What BEA- U- Ti-FUL Wedding Pictures!!!!!


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