Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Too Tired to Type

So here are a few pictures from the last two weeks of camp instead. And by "a few," I mean "a lot." Because when I cant ramble in writing, I need to do it in pictures instead.

Look how thrilled and excited this little guy is to be in a picture with me.


  1. HAAA! That looks like one of my kids who cannot abide getting his picture taken.


    I can't believe he came from my womb.

  2. That picture of you with that adorable kiddo is great.... such a natural, beautiful smile!

  3. You are my hero! I don't know where you find the time to do it counselor, mommy,wife, are amazing!!

  4. More, more! I love them. You really captured some great shots here!

  5. I love that picture of Jayci on the horse....tooo cool!

    I tell you I don't think that kid could be more excited to take a picture with you :)

    Hope you get alittle rest and are having a wonderful time!

  6. hey friend! love the pictures. i'm praying for you guys to finish strong! we'll see you friday am. LOVE!

  7. Great pictures Becca! I am just catching up on your blog after being without internet for a few weeks now. You cease to amaze me. I am so uplifted after reading your posts and you inspire me to be a better person and mother. I am thankful for your honesty about being down and your story about the stars bringing you back to that place. We all have those moments in life. If I had read that post when you wrote it I would have said a prayer for you. I will say a prayer for you now, that you continue to inspire and lead people to God. You are an amazing person and I am glad that I have found you. Thanks, Natalie

  8. looking at this just makes me miss you... Im praying for you girl!!!

  9. Ahem. First of all, I am so sad that you have ceased to amaze Natalie. She must be very hard to amaze. Second, I "pinkie-promise" that I put a comment on this post yesterday; some comment-eating monster must've chomped it up! Hmmm. Strange.
    And third? I love all the pics; the post-processing on the ones of Jayci on the horse are just wonderful. But that little guy with the street-tough look? I think he really likes you. And I KNOW he really needs you. Carry on, sister...


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