Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm on my Spirit High

Our counselors are pretty much all way cooler than me. See exhibit A: They can rap.

Not only that, but God has equipped them and given them stories and histories that are PERFECT for working with these kids. They've been through gangs, violence, drugs, sex, and more. And at the end of it all? They found Jesus to be FAR more satisfying. I cannot think of a better lesson for our kiddos to learn NOW instead of at the end of that path.

Spirit High from Becca Stanley on Vimeo.

Now they use their music, their words, and their lives to bring glory to God -- and I love it!


  1. awesome. best thing i've seen all day.

  2. This is so wonderful to read Becca : ) Totally made my day! I love how God uses our imperfections to make beautiful things for Him!

  3. Wow... talk about God using broken vessels! Those guys are great, and they surely DO touch their audience in ways that you can't. Thanks so much for sharing ... you made my day!

  4. That's so encouraging to see, friend. Tahnk your for sharing with us.

  5. Awesome!

    You guys are doing such miraculous things!

  6. love it! i have to admit though, i all of a sudden felt really OLD. i maybe understood 1/4 of what they were rapping! i remember my mom getting so frustrated bc she couldnt "understand" our music. now here i am! what i clearly understood though was their ability to share their faith and their love of Christ with those kids. totally awesome! made me want to stand up and dance! praise God for their willingness to use their gifts for His glory...and for you and your husband to provide them with a place to do so! thanks for sharing!!!


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