Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Week in Review

I'm not sure how many of you have noticed how lengthy my weekend reviews tend to be - so I am not making any promises to keep it concise when I'm trying to condense an entire week.

As I already explained earlier, Monday started off a little rocky. From there, however, things only got more rocky. Oh I kid. But seriously, this was the most chaotic week of camp I have experienced in three years. Luckily (ok so I'm guessing it was more providential than lucky), we had the easiest week of campers that Camp Grace has ever seen. I even got called Ma'am, which is practically a miracle for the kids we usually work with.

We took kids on the zipline, both into the lake and 50 feet in the air. They did a great job conquering fears and learning what it looks like to step out in faith. One child, however, refused to step out in faith, meaning that Adam was stuck up on the zipline in the 100+ degree heat for over an hour. Which was really fun for him.

On Thursday night some nice folks brought stuff over for "pony rides." However, as one counselor so kindly pointed out, these were really more like "full-grown horses" than ponies. Luckily, the kids didn't mind and none of them got kicked.

And now kids are starting to arrive for THIS week's camp (clearly I'm a little behind), so let me leave you with a few more pictures and I will promise to be back soon with more updates and more of the words.

As an aside, who would have thought that having a child would make camp so much harder? Oh, I should have realized that? I can't help being a little slow sometimes. I blame sleep deprivation.


  1. Eek on the zip line. Hardest thing to do is take the first step. I guess that's why it's such a great teaching tool, right?

    Hang in there!! (No pun intended.)

  2. Wow! Sounds like fun! Hope things this week improve a little :) I cannot believe how blond Jayci looks in that picture! I love that one btw... too stinkin' cute!

  3. I love your pictures of camp! It looks like you are having a wonderfully fun time! And your pictures are fantastic. LOVE those kids. How cute are they?

  4. Even if having a child there makes it harder...she's oh so cute so it's makes it well worth it!

    Hope you guys have a great second week!

  5. That on the fence pic is so worthy of some kind of award. Seriously lovely.


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