Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Beachy Wrap-Up

A list for your reading pleasure (ok so "pleasure" might be a stretch, but list is all my mind is coming up with right now)

1. I forgot to tell you one more thing about Friday night. When I got up on the diving board at the girls' urging, ready to show off my fantastic diving skillz, one of the girls yelled out "look at Becca jiggling up there . . . " That's right girls. Santa's got nothing on a new mom.

2. So I dont even have much to tell you about my beach trip. (Not that a lack of valid info to share has ever stopped me from rambling sharing with you before.) However, these few days at the beach have been rather uneventful, yet delightful

3. We went out on the boat this morning, and saw a whole bunch of dolphins. (I've just been informed that the correct term for "whole bunch" is "pod", but I think we all know that I don't care all that much about "correct terms") I was inordinately excited about having dolphins so close to our boat. It was embarrassing really.

4. In the last two days, I drank a lot of diet coke and ate some seriously delicious macaroni and cheese. And let me just tell you people, it wasn't Kraft, and it didn't involve processed or powdered cheese. I'm pretty sure I could have eaten this treat for every meal for 2 weeks straight without getting sick of it. Because that would do wonders for all the jiggle.

5. As much as I long to share some of the twenty or two hundred pictures I took of Jayci at the beach, I simply cannot do it. Why? Well, because I had to add my camera cord to the list of many, many things I need my sister to bring up to camp next week.

6. Speaking of camp. I will be heading there tomorrow morning. Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll even take you on a tour. Please try to contain your excitement.

7. Today marks the nine month anniversary of sweet Jayci's birth. And I must confess I have counted the months on my fingers more than a few times, just to be sure it's really already been nine months. Because I could have sworn it was yesterday. Alas, she has now been outside of me roughly as long as she was inside of me. And with this milestone, come the death of my plan dream. You know the one: nine months to put the weight on, nine months to take it off. But don't worry, I have come up with a much more reasonable and realistic plan: nine months to put the weight on, nine years to take it off.


  1. Ha. The nine year plan sounds good.

  2. Those girls can just wait, they jiggle is bound to catch up with them. And Becca... you ain't got nothin' to worry about.

  3. I can't wait to see the pics of Jayci at the beach and I love the nine year plan!!!! I'm right with ya!

  4. The thing I miss MOST about feeding my young 'uns?

    The jiggle.


  5. oh no about the camera cable!! is it at my house? that was actually the first thing i thought about when i heard that adam had picked it up when i was gone. i really miss you SO much already!

  6. haha--our computer has been broken since you left and started working again just this morning, and it posted my comment under our REALLY old blog account--the account i actually went searching for and couldnt find!

  7. I love your sense of humor, girl, and love ya :)

  8. I think it's so wrong that jiggle rhymes with giggle. I've got my fair share, and I ain't laughin! :-)

    Girl you eat your mac and cheese cause you are beautiful just how you are - and you have FUN FUN FUN at camp!

  9. ok first of all congrats on getting reader of the week! what an honor :)

    so i like your 9 year theory... except do you add another 9 years for every kid after? :)

    the camp you work at sounds wonderful! we live about 5 hours from atlanta, i'd love to learn more about it! is there a website or something i can look at??

  10. I just love your outlook. I love everything I know about you. I especially love that you jiggle. I jiggle too. And sadly it is so much more than just my butt! Jiggle. Jiggle. Jiggle.


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