Friday, May 29, 2009

T-Minus 2 Weeks . . .

I seriously cannot believe we have less than 2 weeks til camp! yikes! I wish I could explain to you just how much I love it. How much it has, quite literally, changed my life. But apparently I'm not so good at the words right now, so here's a few posts and pictures from the last two years. *Also can I say how STINKING COOL it is to look back at this journey that God's been taking us on? I LOVE seeing how much I have changed and how God has been guiding us and orchestrating every step of the adventure we've been on since that first year day moment of camp?!
Camp Grace 2007
Camp Grace 2008
Kosovo and Inner-city Atlanta

For those of you who are new around here: Camp Grace is a camp for inner-city kids from Atlanta. Oh and where are my manners? Welcome to my blog! I can think of nothing I love more than taking these kids (who I love) to play outdoors all summer long. And swim. And eat. And worship Jesus. Amen. Did I mention I love it all?

Also, I was thinking that I could blog every day from camp for at least one week - to try and give you guys a better idea of what it is that we do, and how we do it. Please try and contain your excitement.


  1. Camp is the coolest! And I love all the pictures. It always makes me all melty seeing those (I used to take the camp photos :)

    I'm excited for you!!!

  2. I'm looking forward to see your posts from camp. I know I've said this before but I think what you're doing is amazing!!!! Are you able to take Jayci with you?

  3. That's so exciting! It makes me happy to see the delight on those kids' faces. EVERLASTING IMPACT, my friend.

  4. That looks like nothing but fun!!! I know working with kids & worshiping God in everything you do is the best time you could ever have!

    know you are an example to these kids... they realize you are taking the time to be with them... you touch them in ways you'll probably never know on this earth!

  5. I think it's awesome that you're taking Jayci with you. It will be so much fun!!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Yay, I've always wanted to go back to camp! so glad you're taking us with you... :)

    You're an amazing inspiration and mentor...those kids are so adorable! Have a great weekend!

  7. Looks like a blast! You are an amazing person Becca! Do I say that often enough? :)
    Anyhoo, do you take Jayci with you to camp this year or do you have to miss that little cuteness all the time you are there? Or is it just a day thing? Curiosity killed the cat! LOL

  8. How fun! It looks like a great time!

  9. awesome pics! I love love camp--was as counselor every summer during college. Can't wait to hear your updates :-o

    Seriously want to try and convince J that we need to be involved next year!

  10. I love, love, love your pictures. I am SO excited for you! SO, so excited!

  11. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! You have a great one here! I love what you and your husband are doing for so many kids.. Awesome girl..

    PS- Your daughter might be too cute for words.. just sayin'!

  12. I LOVE camp! I can't wait to read your posts from camp! SO FUN!

  13. love you and love what you do!!! :)

  14. Looks like an awesome time!!!! I remember camp from when I was younger... some of the best times!


  15. What an excellent collection of photos. Those smiles speak a thousand words. I LOVE it!


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