Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sabo AKA My Heart

I keep sitting down to write this and not knowing where to start. So I feel the need to apologize in advance for any lack of organization in my thought process here. Not that it would be anything new for my posts or anything.

I mentioned to you yesterday the need for prayer for Saviour (aka Sabo, the kid we mentor) and his family. I didn't go into details, and I dont know how much detail I even want to go into now. But I do want you to know more about what you're praying for. I have shared Sabo's story in the past. So for anyone who has read it (all 2 of you including my husband and mom), you know that Sabo's mom died almost 3 years ago (of congestive heart failure). Sabo, along with his younger brother and sister, have been living with their grandmother since their mother's death. She is paralyzed from the waist down. And a few nights ago, she was having such difficulty . Turns out she had a small heart attack, and has fluid surrounding her lungs. Being a smoker for 50 years, along with a fast lifestyle, the stress of taking care of three active kids, and living in poverty (which means less healthy food, less healthcare etc), have combined to create a somewhat disastrous health situation.

I don't want you to think that Sabo and his siblings aren't being well taken care of. They are. We check on them often, and would have stepped in if we ever thought otherwise. That said, they certainly have been forced to shoulder the type of burden that no child should ever have to take on. Quite honestly, I dont even know if I would be able to withstand the trials they face on a daily basis.

My heart is so broken for these kids. When we took them to visit their grandma yesterday, it was obvious that they were shaken up. And Saviour didn't even want to visit her, which was the saddest of all to me. I could almost see him retreating inside himself like a turtle into his protective shell. And if that works, if he can really protect himself from hurt - then I'm glad. But I think it's far more likely that he is slowly killing and hardening his heart. And y'all? He has a beautiful heart. A heart that Jesus desperately wants to be soft and ALIVE.

So pray, pray for healing, pray for wisdom for Adam and I (we are talking to the family about what will happen in the future if grandma doesn't get better? who will take the kids?) and most of all pray that Jesus will draw this dear family close to Himself. Because the truth is that there can be no hope for these kiddos without Jesus.


  1. I'll be praying!

    God bless you for being so caring and opening your heart to these kids! You guys really are special!

  2. Working with youth is always so hard but yet you and your husband are doing it. Prayers will be sent up for Savior and his family. Prayers will be sent up for you and your husband too.
    God bless you!

  3. I didn't check your blog last night so I'm just now getting this but I'm praying!

    Please keep us updated on their situation so we'll know how to pray. :)

  4. I can't imagine the heartbreak of having so much love invested in this child only to see him harden.

    Our SAVIOR can move mountains. Mountains of stone...that are many times the size of a child's broken heart.

    I pray for your wisdom, for hearing ears for how the Lord would have your proceed, for the grandmother's recovery, and for Sabo to see he has a soft place to land with you and your husband.

  5. wow! we'll certainly be praying. i read his story and it just breaks my heart! i can't imagine being in HIS shoes OR yours! besides prayer, is there anything that we can do (from afar) to help with your ministry? will be lifting that sweet heart of his up and you for the words to use with him!

  6. just prayed. your heart is so dear. thank you for sharing this prayer request!

  7. I will keep him and his family in my heart and prayers. What an admirable thing that you give, your time.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  8. Becca, I am praying. Unfortunately I have seen SO MANY kids go through similar issues. Kids living in poverty often have to go through such difficult circumstances, often with little support. Praise God that you are there for these kids, no matter what the outcome. I was reminded once years ago in my discouragement at ministering to this difficult group of a verse in Proverbs that has frequently encouraged me through the hard times.

    "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute." Proverbs 31:8.

  9. thanks for stopping by my blog! I love Atlanta and always enjoy visiting there. My son was in grad school at GT....now lives in AL.
    It's good to "meet" you and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers!


  10. Your post brought tears to my eyes. You are such a bright spirit. Sabo is blessed to have you in his life.

    I know that wasn't your point in writing this but it just strikes me every time I read one of your post's like this.

    I will be praying.

  11. Becca,

    I read your comment on MckMama's blog and knew I needed to come read this post. I will pray for Sabo and his family for you and your family and for the Lord's hand on you all.

    Thank you for being so vulnerable and for sharing your heart.

  12. I am praying! What a life for one so young. I'm so thankful they have you and your family!

  13. From MckMama's blog....

    praying for you guys.

    God Bless.

  14. Oh my goodness... poor little babies... I am sending prayers to all of you.

  15. I've noticed that your heavy heart is not keeping you from prayer for others tonight =). I will be praying for this family too. It's so hard to watch the pain of others and not have anything that we can do. Thankfully we have something greater than what our own hands can produce- prayer is powerful and the best love we can spread.

    Praying, praying.

  16. Most definitely, I'm praying, my friend!! :)

  17. Hi! Thanks for the prayers...Great post on your blog, ramblings and all !! ha ha
    You and your family are blessings to so many........

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog! How fun that our daughters are a month apart and have the same hat! :) I will keep Saviour and his family in my prayers!

  19. thank you for praying for us and our precious unborn miracles. we covet the prayers!

  20. You are doing an awesome thing for those kids and for the family! Only God knows the future for the kids and we have to trust that he is in control. We can't know what the future holds for them or how the Lord intends to use their trials for His glory. I truly beleive as long as you continue to mentor them that they will have atleast one constant in their lives that they can depend on. You've taken on a big role and the Lord is and will continue to use you mightily!

    On another note, stop by my blog, I have something for you :)

  21. I just found your blog through another blog and wanted to leave a comment and tell you I will be praying. I am your age and share your name! :) Strange!
    If you would be interested in having me post this request (or others) on my blog, let me know. A few weeks ago I started something called His will Wednesdays. I have a link on my right sidebar that explains it a bit, if you are interested. I really believe in the power of community prayer.
    Regardless, God bless you Becca!


  22. I've been praying so much...

  23. My heart is filled with so much sadness right now. I'll be sending lots of prayers above for them.

  24. Praying with you. Keep me in the know, for realz.


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