Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Other, Unrelated, News

So I have been spending so much time thinking and worry about my dear Sabo that I feel as though things shouldn't keep moving forward. Apparently they do, however, as evidenced by the two or twenty loads of dirty laundry and sink full of dishes which have appeared in my house.

Anyhow, I had a really fantastic post planned for you today. And by "fantastic" I mean slightly less mediocre and slightly more interesting than usual. Unfortunately I cannot find my camera, and the post would probably be slightly MORE mediocre and LESS interesting without the pictures.

So instead, a list for your reading enjoyment pleasure. Actually just for you to read, possibility without enjoyment or pleasure.

1 - I was pleasantly surprised, and more than a little excited, to discover that both Danny AND Kris have made it to the top 3 in American Idol. I might have let out a small squeal of excitement when they announced Kris' name. Maybe.

*And I have it on good authority that Kris Allen leads worship at a church in his hometown. Y'all? He loves Jesus! And he's cute! And he's a great singer! As I mentioned earlier, if he wasn't married and I wasn't married, we would definitely be an item. Just sayin'

2 - However, my husband is the best. I just got flowers in the mail. Literally just got them while I was in the middle of typing. I'm a lucky gal, that's for sure.

3 - I went to the gym for a Body Core class this morning. This class focuses (um obviously) on the "core" (abs!!) which is clearly my problem area. Clearly.

Unfortunately, my core strength is currently minimal to none, so the whole balancing on the ball thing? Didn't work out so well for me. Turns out that Praise Aerobics wasn't always the hardest workout. Well besides that one time when we had to run suicides in front of the third graders. That time was hard.

4 - I have been surprisingly productive this morning, I went to the gym AND I made homemade baby food. Just call me Martha Stewart. Well Martha with a messy house and mounds of dirty clothes.

Actually, making homemade baby food consists of the following steps:
- boiling water
- adding frozen organic vegetables to boiling water
- blending up with this fancyee mashy thingy we have (see!? I'm such a gourmet chef I know all the proper terminology!)
- putting the blended vegetables into small glass jars and placing into fridge.
*I know this is exceedingly complex, if you need further explanation of these steps, I completely understand.

Luckily, these steps are fairly similar to those used to make my stand-by culinary masterpiece: Kraft macaroni and cheese. So I'm basically a pro.

Anyhow, this morning I made peas. I hate peas. And now my house smells like peas, which literally causes me to gag every time I walk in the door. And also to have flashbacks to sitting at the table UNTIL I ATE EVERY LAST PEA. But I knew it was going to kill me, and I gagged repeatedly, and wished we had a dog I could feed them to. I would sit there for HOURS people.

5 - I seriously cannot thank-you enough for all your prayers and comments on Savior's story. You are blessing him (and me) without him even knowing it - I just love how God works! Mysterious ways and everything.

Several of you have asked if there's anything else you can do to help (besides prayer which is obviously the very best thing you can do). I am working on getting together some different ideas of ways y'all can be involved and help. I'll keep you posted. For now, if you are interested in helping, contact me via email (

The end.


  1. Thanks for the comment and the prayer

  2. Girl, you are so funny! Love reading your posts!

    I used to make all of Kendra's baby food, did all the gourmet stuff by following a recipe book, etc. But this time around, I made the baby food for about a month and then gave up and started buying the canned stuff. I know, lazy, but hey, you don't do everything, right?

    Yep, I hear on on feelin' the burn! I hate and love that feeling all at the same time. It means you actually did something, but it also hurts!!! :o) I wish my abs were my only problem area.....

    My hubs sent me flowers in the mail last week cause we're going away for Mother's Day this weekend. Isn't it so awesome to get flowers in the mail?!

    Great picture of your little sweetie! She's so cute!

    Still praying for Sabo. Rest in the fact that he's in God's hands.

  3. sorry, I meant that you "can't do everything" not that you don't do everything!

    LOL! Didn't want you thinking that I was saying that you don't do everything. :o)

  4. flowers???? Oh, that totally makes a day!!!

  5. I made baby food for the three months that my kids ate it. Fortunately, they quickly discovered that the real thing was much better. That was the quickest phase EVER.

    Way to go, Martha.

    (And I'm laughing that my word verification is colored pea green.)

  6. Oh my gosh!! I absolutely hate peas with a passion. I even have a really hard time feeding them to my kids because I have those same memories of peas. Also, good luck with the "core" strengthening, I know I need it too!

  7. He leads worship at his church? Of COURSE he does. !!!

  8. I used to TRY to make my own homemade baby food too! And I thought I was a pro too. But, this is how sad I am - I got excited when he moved to table foods b/c I didn't have to worry about it anymore! Like it was too many steps for me or something!!!

  9. girl you are a hoot. your posts always make me smile. very largely and excitedly.

    continuing to pray for Sabo, my friend.

  10. i hear ya with the laundry and dishes. yuck! loved making baby food but love it even more now that she eats what we eat! :)

    cutie pie! love that sweet smile!

  11. Oh I hate peas too!!!!! YUCK

    love that pic of Jayci...I was hoping you'd add a cute pic of her somewhere in there :)

    Praying for Sabo!!!

  12. I'm leaving your blog FULLY entertained!! And you said it was just for reading. I'm digging Kris too! He's a cutie patootie!! I totally relate with the whole "eat til the very last pea" comment. Maybe we're sisters, cause my Mamie used to always make us clean our plates. I guess that's why I love to eat. THANKS A LOT, MOM! Every time I sit down to eat, I hear her little voice sittin' on my shoulder sayin' "You're not going anywhere til you clean your plate." AHHHH....memories! Speaking of mothers, I hope you have a beautiful mothers day!

    BTW: My mamie wasn't mean like that. She just didn't want me to starve to death. And I can totally relate to that now with my little boy. It's funny how life comes back to bite ya! (HEE HEE)


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