Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Option A or B

There's a very good chance right now that I might:
A - go crazy
or B - pull all my hair out.

I am leaning towards option A seeing as I would probably look really bad bald.

This morning, I was feeling ambitious so I got down on my hands and knees and cleaned the kitchen floor(note that this is the first time in the history of the world that this has ever happened), and the dogs promptly ran all over it leaving muddy paw-prints. Oh and they have chewed up a pacifier, two blocks, and a rattle so far today. Plus every time Jayci FINALLY falls asleep (and it doesnt happen often people) they BARK and wake her up. Unfortunately Jayci sleeps more like her mama than her papa, who wouldnt wake up to the dog's barking if his life depended on it. No one told me these things barked. . . . I demand a refund.

Jayci is also pushing me to the brink today. Even with all the crying and not sleeping, she has never actually annoyed me until today. All of a sudden she has turned into this little creature who arches her back and spits her food at me (she hates bananas . . .clearly she is NOT related to me - I love everything banana), as soon as I get a cloth or wipe out to clean her face (which is covered in food as a result of her head movements and my poor hand-eye coordination), she shakes her head vigorously and arches her back again. Oh and when I try to put her down for a nap? She arches her back so far that she rolls onto her tummy, and cries loudly. So far today she has slept a grand total of twenty minutes. Again, I would like to report some false advertising. I heard that babies slept. Oh and can I add that I am not looking forward to her being two?

And Adam has been SO busy lately that I feel sort of like a single mom. And can I just say that I have NO IDEA how they do it?

In other news, Adam and I sent our first batch of support letters out! I feel strangely nervous about it. I mean, what if no one sends money? We dont have a Plan B right now. God's definitely teaching me about trusting Him for provision right now. I also think that maybe some of the bad mood/stress/frustration/doubt in my abilities might be some spiritual warfare. I mean, Satan does NOT want God's people stepping out in faith and doing big things for Him does he? I think not.

At least I slept for a solid 6 hours straight last night. I literally begged God for Jayci to sleep. And I am so glad we serve a God who cares about all the details of our lives, because I'm not sure I would have made it through this day without those 6 hours. Well, that and a whole bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and 5 Diet Cokes. I don't eat my feelings or anything.


  1. Just a thought, but she MIGHT have an ear infection. It can hurt to swallow (screaming in the chair) and it can hurt to have her head down (screaming when put down for a nap) if the pressure's building up behind her eardrum. My kids did that even if they didn't run a fever and I spent many a miserable day until we figured it out.

    This has been your unsolicited advice for the day from another mom. Feel free to disregard.

  2. I have also eaten a bag of mini eggs... love the new blog look!

  3. oooo... i remember those days well. my (now 9 yr old) daughter would not take a nap during the day... 15-30 min was a big deal! now she can go to sleep on her own like a big girl at night... they grow too quickly.

  4. Keep going girl - even if it involves LOTS of cadbury eggs & diet coke... you're going to make it through...

  5. I am sorry that I cannot give you any advice in the getting your kids to sleep -- BUT, just so you know... it is not two you have to worry about. Two is easy! You really have to worry about four! YES FOUR! No one ever warns us about four but the fours are far worse than the twos I promise you that :) So you still have three more years to go. Keep smiling and save the haor pulling out for then!

    Aren't mini eggs the greatest? I would have them and about 5 Diet Pepsis instead of Coke.

    Hang in there and God bless.

  6. Oh wow, that sounds rough! I totally understand though. I so remember those days. And just wait because really, they should call it the Terrible Three's. The Two's were a breeze! lol The cadburry eggs sound delish, I am jealous!

  7. I have SOOOOOOOO prayed to God a bizillion times for my kids to sleep. They are finally good sleepers. But, I hear ya girl.
    I have one word: Ferber.
    He is a genious, if you stick to it. Boy, does mothering take guts!!

    Love your new header. I have got to ask, did you see about this scrap freebie on my blog? wondering!

    anyway, it looks awesome!

  8. Check for an ear infection. My daughter just gets mean and cranky and doesn't sleep when she gets one.

    If it helps I got through the day on swiss cake rolls and Dt Pepsi, so some days are just like that.

    Oh yeah, and I love your header--so cool!

  9. I have days where I'm totally annoyed with my two year old and wonder how we are going to make it through the day. My daughter arches her back along with rolling her shoulders so we can't pick her up when she's having a "mood". I suppose that's why I see a chiro now. Hang in there, the Lord will see you through the ups and downs.

    Yeah, for chocolate eggs. I haven't had one of those in years. Isn't it funny how those small things can help your day seem better?

  10. Raw honesty-I love it! Hang in there girl! You are an insperation to so many!!

  11. Wow! As I read your post, I found myself saying Me too! Me too! I think we had the same days and days! My baby is two and still doesn't sleep. I went to bed last night at midnight only to get up at 4 to the precious calling (AKA screaming) of a littly guy! Who didn't want to go back to sleep... and the dogs, well, i only have one but I have mopped my floor and vacuumed a total of THREE (and that's not an exagerration) just so far today. I HATE DOG HAIR and DOG PRINTS. I don't hate my dog, but I consider it sometimes! My husband is also working way too much... in the last two weeks I think he has been home a total of one evening. Other than that, he's home to sleep for 5 hours and back out the door! So, yes, I totally relate and feel for you! But, I'm right there with you that God has to be in control, because i am sure not most days! I always try to think of it this way and thought it might help you today..... God will NEVER EVER give us something that we can't handle... He has provided us with all the skills necessary to handle this and more than anything he gave us JESUS! Praise God because I need him!

  12. Oh hon...they all have bad days. I'm with the first commenter could possibly be her ears. Try giving her alittle tylenol and see if that works..if she pops a fever it could be her ears.

    I hope you are able to get some rest tonight and have a better day tomorrow :)

    If you want to talk or need to vent you know where I'm at.


  13. I hear you! I have felt this way a few times over the past year, with our first child! It's the best thing and the hardest thing to have a baby. You love them so much, but yes, some days you wonder if you can give them back, at least for a few hours! At 5 months I finally told my husband he better not go into our son's room at night when he fusses. He finally started sleeping through the night. I will pray for you! I know how rough the "no sleep" thing is! Chocolate and Diet DP are my saving grace!

  14. Hey...Just wanted to say that I feel ya with the mothering frustration! My daughter is going through a stage, a phase, a something - and it's so hard for me to be patient. She's only 18 months old, but I feel some days like we're already in the terrible twos. And then, of course, she smiles or giggles and all is forgiven. But it doesn't mean that it's not hard.

    Hang in there...will pray for you both to get some rest this weekend!


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