Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a Few Things He Thought You Should Know

My hubby wanted me to clarify a few things for you

1- He has cut the grass since Monday when I posted my picture. He would like all of the internet to know that he is clearly on top of the yardwork and would never let our grass get so long that we would get 4 letters from the HOA. Never.

2- When I mentioned that I had a scar beside my eye from a baseball bat to the head, Adam felt a little concerned that you might think that he was the perpetrator. Rest assured folks, it is a long-standing battle scar from when I was four and ran straight into a five year old wielding a aluminum bat. He was my nemesis ever after. Or for a few weeks until I forgot about him.

I also find it imperative to share with you some of the shots from my "reflection" photoshoot which I did not enter in the I Heart Faces contest. If you ask me, Jayci is a doll. Just a doll. Except when she won't sleep. Then she's still a doll, but a little more reminiscent of one particular doll, one whose name rhymes with "yucky."

At first, I thought I would take some extraordinarily beautiful shots of my precious daughter reflected in our sliding glass doors. Then I realized that she probably wouldn't be reflected. I mean, I can't even imagine how my door got this dirty. Oh right, I have two annoying dogs who find mud every day, even in the midst of a huge drought. And I hate cleaning. Bad combination.

So I opted instead for the mirror in the un-cut grass. Lesser of two evils right?
I mean, is she a cutie or what? Remember when looking in the mirror was fun? I dont either. But I like watching Jayci discover herself.
And who is watching American Idol? Because I just feel the need to say that if I wasn't married, and he wasn't married . . . Well I'll just leave it at that.


  1. she sees a cute little baby... how can she resist?

    And if who wasn't married? I'm dying to know....

  2. I know you were going to say Clooney, because there's just one answer to the "if I wasn't married" question.

    And you'll note I have no pictures of any glass surfaces, sliding or otherwise, on my blog. For reasons which may or may not have anything to do with my cleaning ability or lack thereof.

  3. If you weren't married, you would want to marry Kris Allen?!?!?! Because I'm not married. And I do.

  4. Wow! You had a number of great photos to choose from this week! Tell your hubby he is a good man for mowing the lawn (around my house, yard work for some reason is my job).

  5. LOL! I didn't think your hubby was the one weilding the bat that scarred you! LOL!

    That's nice that he cut the grass! (It's about time! LOL!) j/k

    And yes, Jayce is so cute!

    And no, I don't remember when looking in the mirror was fun either....

  6. I think your choice was a good one although I am in love with the one of Jayce touching the mirror! Too stinkin' cute! Your girl is a TOTAL doll!

  7. Beautiful photos! Jayci is a doll!

  8. 1st off I have to say that I just love ya! I was beginning to think I was the only person that had dirty sliding glass doors. I always see pictures that people take and they look so clean and mine are always so dirty..with four kids coming in and out and a dog all over it I can't keep it clean for the life of me. You made my night :)

    Love how your husband had to clear everything up...for the record let him know that we believe he's a good guy!

    And of course your Jayci is the cutest thing....she's just adorable!

  9. I have to agree, she is a complete doll! I LOVE the photos of her touching the mirror...I can't decide which of the two I like better.

  10. oh, so cute :o)

    I like the long grass (lol)


  11. this post made me laugh, and she is adorable, those pictures are so priceless=)!

  12. love, love, love the pictures!!!! And thanks for the clarification, haha :)

  13. Oh my gosh... I don't know which of the last 10 posts cracked me up most! Stinkin hi-larious (only because I can relate on so many levels!) :)

    Great photos!

  14. The grass just makes me giggle.
    I adore the you got some good ones!!


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