Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun in Florida

Do you like that alliteration in my title? That's some stellar writing right there. Or not. Apparently my brain is on vacation too . . .

As a result, I will spare you my rambling and just share a few pictures from sunny (but somewhat cool) Florida.

And again, I would like to warn you of the impending cute-ness. I mean seriously, we came with our friends who have two of the most adorable kids ever (besides Jayci of course).

It's about those curls. I cannot resist the curls.

I also cannot resist this one. Can you blame me though?

And then there's this one. It's a wonder I am not slain from all the cute around here.

But seriously, friends + sunshine + cute children + good food = one VERY happy Becca!


  1. No words. Ok, maybe one...DARLING. And you look so cute!

  2. You take the best pictures. The curls....the eyes...the baby....


  3. Awww, HOW SWEET!!!!!! Glad you're having fun in the Sunshine State :o)

  4. Cute! Are ya'll sisters? You have the same smile and noses...and well, hair....and....well, are you? get a real good tan for me! I love to hear the ocean and the sea gulls! (no twinge of jealousy here!)

  5. Love the cute kids! Have fun and hopefully it warms up soon1

  6. Holy cow! Those are some cute kids!!

  7. i love it too! those kids are too precious. :)

  8. So glad you left a comment, off to read more of your blog!


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